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U.S. Highway 90 in Texas

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The "Southern" Route 66 

near Lackland Air Force Base

The Casa Manana Motel was located on Hwy 90 West near
Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. The card was postmarked on 1953

Hwy U. S. 90 crossing the Pecos River
Hwy U. S. 90 crossing the Pecos River
Golden Stallion Dance Hal

Golden Stallion Dance Hall, 1500 Ackerman Road, off Hwy. 90 TX

Uvalde Texas
In Uvalde Texas on US 90 Fruge's there was always Fruge's
Del Rio TX
In Del Rio TX there's Fisherman's Headquarters
at the intersection of US 90 & US 277 West
FYI - Postcard collectors call this a "big letter" postcard.
Schulenburg Texas
Schulenburg Texas featured "Good Food"

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