Abita Mystery House
We scanned an old brochure
of the Mystery House in
St. Augustine, Florida.

Al Mosher and his Mystery House

Is there a mystery house where you live? Maybe you even live in one. If live across from an alligator farm and you notice things are always "upset" -- read on.

At the UCM you may find your own "Mystery Spot."



Al Mosher and his Mystery House

The brochure says "The really amazing part of it all is that this is a natural mystery - no tricks - nor mirrors - nothing moving."

Well, the UCM uses mirrors, tricks and things actually move in the exhibits. Does that make us UNNATURAL? Ouch!

Al Mosher and his Mystery House will one day be inducted into the UCM's Roadside Attraction Hall of Fame - you can bet on it.

Al Mosher and his Mystery House
Al Mosher, builder of Mystery House, explains oddities to guests.

There are a lot of different names for places like this: Mystery House, Magnetic Vortex, Magic Spot, Spook Hill or World's Wackiest Place. And they all have that special power to amaze earthlings by repealing the laws of gravity and physics. Al Mosher's Mystery House was built across the street from the popular tourist attraction in St. Augustine, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm.


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