abita mystery house

The Winchester House

Sarah L. Winchester began a construction project in 1884 that lasted thirty-eight years. She was wealthy because she was married to Mr. Winchester Rifle. When her man died, she decided she liked to have craftsmen and carpenters fool around her house building stupid stuff. Her Victorian has so many oddities that the locals started calling it the Winchester Mystery House. Architecturally it isn’t that brilliant – just wacky. Supposedly it has 160 rooms but visitors will not see nearly that many. Maybe they count the rooms the mice have also. You will see some Tiffany art glass windows stacked up in a room. Local teenagers will be your guide.

Winchester Mystery House

So, why go all the way to San Jose, California to see the Winchester Mystery House when you can see the plate right here in Abita Springs, Louisiana!

©2006 John Preble