UCM Museum is a folk art museum

vintage gas station in Louisiana
Entrance to the museum is through the door of this old 1910 automobile service station.

Student Tours to the Abita Mystery House

The ABITA MYSTERY HOUSE is a folk art museum of recycled art by local artist John Preble. The centerpieces are his miniature scenes of Southern life. These scenes feature push button action and poke friendly fun at our local culture. The Abita Mystery House also houses several collections of items from the early to mid 20th Century, including bicycles, radios, over 150 paint by number paintings (painted), arcade machines, luxury bath accessories, barbed wire and license plates.
This unusual museum likes kids and recognizes the value of the tactile experience.
This is a place were children CAN really touch the exhibits.

Teacher with Students at the Abita Mystery House UCM Museum in LOUISIANA
These teachers and students learned that all museums are not boring. Both the teachers and students had a fantastic time at the museum!

Basic Tour: This field trip is teacher/student led and assumes that the classroom teacher will, with the handouts we provide, facilitate all learning opportunities. Admission may include handouts and unlimited (usually 30 to 60 minutes) time in the museum's exhibit area. The Abita Mystery House can handle up to 45 students at one time on this tour. Tour prices are for groups of ten or more paid students. The admission is only $2 per student, all teachers and adult chaperones are free. Our gift has lots of educational toys and gagets, even items priced under $1.

We highly recommend that anyone planning a field trip should first come preview the museum. When you come, just let the clerk know you are visiting us with the idea of bringing a group and you are our guest.

Abita Spring , LA 70420
Tel. 985-892-2624

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