Abita Mystery House

Inside our Exhibit Hall

abita mystery house
Vic's Big Wheel auto repair shop is part of the big River Road scene at the Abita Mystery House in Abita Springs, Louisiana. The station wagon is made of recycled cardboard and pieces of plastice and metal. The hubcap is a bottle cap. This bottle cap is one of 1/4 million bottle caps we have on display at the Abita Mystery House.
John Preble
The Elvis shrine welcomes visitors into the Main Exhibit Hall.
Louisiana Tourist Attraction
Aunt Chrisy has a nice place to buy a cute little 9mm or a "army surplus" granade launcher. You'll find Aunt Chrisy's Gun Shop next to Uncle Byron's Toy Store. Uncle Byron's motto is "You won't believe the toys we sell" -- only in Lousiana. This is all part of our big River Road scene.

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