The Abita Mystery House's Annual Holiday Party

Happy Holidays ~ It's Wacky and It's Tacky.

Each year during the Christmas Season we host a free holiday party at the Abita Mystery House. The Annual Abita Mystery House Christmas Party and Eccentric Wreath Exhibition features the Raucous Wreath Auctionwith proceeds benefiting local charities.

The wreaths, designed and constructed by local artists and neighborhood personalities, make use of unusual materials and themes. Anything goes here, but a few of the objects pressed into service in past years included duct tape, crushed cans, used wigs, crab nets, and toilet seats.

Mystery House director John Preble says, "I am always amazed at the original wreath ideas that the participants dream up. Each year I think that I had really seen it all and then – bingo – someone from out of nowhere brings in a real dandy! Over the years there have been a few favorites - like comedian Pat Hazel’s wreath made of little green army men. From a distance it looked like a real Christmas holly wreath. Of course Pat is a “big shot” comedian so I guess his mind is always working overtime trying to be inventive and funny. And then there was a local nurse Kielo Ford who made a wreath out of some shiny clothes dryer flexible vent pipe.”

The wreaths go on sale at the Raucous Wreath Auction, which will be held during the Abita Mystery Houses Holiday Party on Saturday. All profits from each wreath sale will go to a charity designated by either the wreath maker or the wreath buyer. Any wreaths not sold at the auction will remain on display and for sale at the Abita Mystery House. The Holiday Party is free and open to the public. "We put out a big holiday spread for the party. We enjoy giving the community a chance to see the museum, donate to a local charity, have some fun, and take some of that fun home with them. Please come and bring the friends who you want to impress. Celebrities, their lookalikes, politicians, mountain men, back stabbers, and timeshare sales consultants are all invited." says Preble. Throughout the duration of the wreath exhibit, museum visitors can vote for their favorite wreaths for several People's Choice Award.

Abita Mystery House

The date for the party is usually set in October.
Call us for more info, and yes you can bring a wreath.