Honey Island Swamp Monster Footprint
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Honey Island Swamp Monster

This is a real plaster cast of the impression of the footprint of the Honey Island Swamp Monter. This cast was dontated to the Abita Mystery House by Dana Holyfield, grand-daughter of Harlan E. Ford, the hunter who found and cast the tracks. He was the first man to report a sighting of the creature and he was also the first and only man to my knowledge who poured plaster paris casts of it's tracks found deep in the swamp. The Honey Island Swamp is about 25 miles East of the Abita Mystery House. There are several swamp tours of the area.

In 1974, zoologists from Lousiana State University (LSU) met with Harlan Ford to study the plaster casts of the creature's four-toed footprints. Crypotozoologist from Washington also arrived in Louisiana to inspect the unusal casts. Harlan said, "That thing stood eye level with me. The thing that startled me the most, we're it's large amber eyes." Harlan was later interviewed in a documentary called "In Search Of" which still airs periodically on The Discovery Channel and other television networks.

Harlan Ford passed away in the early 80's, but the legend about his sighting lives on in Louisiana and across the country

Harland Ford
Harlan E. Ford
Would this man lie?
Was he looking to get famous?

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