The Abita Mystery House - Louisiana's Most Eccentric Attraction

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The Abita Mystery House, AKA UCM Museum, is north of New Orleans in historic Abita Springs. This roadside attraction features a vintage service station, a 90yr old Louisiana Creole cottage, an exhibition hall of memorabilia, and the much photographed House of Shards.

For those planning to visit soon - don't look at this page - we want you to be surprised when you come see us.



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largemouth bass
Mr. Andrew's late wife's dentures live on

Feejee mermaid
Feejee mermaid with child - safe - behind glass

While not always at the Abita Mystery House, The Enigma and Katzen - Human Marvels do visit. They are great entertainers - highly recommended - if you have a venue - book em. Here is a picture of the duo with John Preble.

stuffed chicken
Bass fishing chickens with a twist

house of shards
Work in progress - the bathroom in the House of Shards is being tiled

The UCM Museum is pronounced you-see-em-mu-se-um. For those who insist the UCM letters have meaning - go with "Unusual Collections and Mini-town."

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