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The following photographs and graphics may be downloaded for use in articles about the UCM. No credit line is necessary however, photos by noted photographers may be credited. You may copy the images to a web site but please do not "hot link" them from your site to ours.

Photos are jpg files in rgb mode to limit download time. For print usage, it may be necessary to convert the images to tiff or eps files in cmyk.

To copy the photos to your computer right you may right click on the letters "A" "B" "C" and choose "save target as." After selection of the high resolution jpg, photos will be downloaded to your computer.

Another way to download the image is to double click on the ABC letters (not the photos). This will open a new page on your browser with the large photo of the letter - you may then right click on the photo and choose "save image as."

Be sure to remember the location of the file folder on your hard drive.

Each mosaic letter has a large square jpg that is 4.4" x 4.4" at 300dpi.
Creative art directors may use these to spell out cool things.

Mosaic Letter Mosaic Mosaic
Click on the indivirual Letter to see or download each letter photo:
B   F   G   H   I   M   T   W
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