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  02-18-03 We especially enjoy meeting people who follow their muse and/or live their dream. So we were pleased to find John Preble at the UCM Museum in Abita Springs, LA. As John tells the story, he has always been a collector of things: bottle caps, paint-by-number art, vintage postcards, etc. This habit was just another facet of his diverse life until he was inspired by Tinkertown, near Albuquerque, to create a museum back home. At the UCM, "you-seem-em", he has created assemblages of southern living scenes: Martians at Mardi Gras, Tornado hits Cajun Country, Funeral Procession in New Orleans, etc. Besides the dioramas, you can see over a quarter million bottle caps, a house covered in shards of glass, mirror, and tile, and, of course, a fifteen foot long Bassigator. Without a doubt, the best 3 bucks we have spent since leaving Kazoo. John also has lots of suggestions on where to go and what to see. Time well spent, and, for the first time this trip, we were tempted to buy one of his paintings. Considering our lack of extra space in the van and wall space at home, this is a high compliment. - David and Margaret, (from Michigan)    
  11-16-2002 We enjoyed meeting you too and visiting your unique museum. We also loved your paintings. Good luck to you and your wife. - Norm and Linda Payne,    
  07-09-02 Meanwhile, UCM has become something of an Abita Springs town square: on any given day you'll find neighborhood kids working the cash register, sweeping the floors or constructing whirly-bird airplanes out of aluminum cans, which are sold in the gift shop. If you're lucky, you may even find Preble conducting an small symphony of adolescent accordion players belting out "Old Susannah." - Keith Pandolfi, Gambit    
  07-02 Abita Springs is a quiet country town but giggles come from behind the door of the 1950s-style gas station that is home to the UCM Museum (pronounced “you-see-’em museum”). - Carolyn Thornton, New Orleans Northshore    
  02-16-03 The magic begins as soon as you enter the museum by way of a 1950s gas station. The ceiling is covered with “stuff”—old-time radio parts, discarded computer chips, Coke-can airplanes. Pass through the gift shop filled with quirky art, and you’ll encounter one of Preble’s favorite creations, a 22-foot bassigator (combination fish and alligator) he constructed from plywood, chicken wire, and fabric. Off to the side is a flying saucer that’s crashed into an Airstream trailer. Then you get to the House of Shards, an old stucco building with walls covered with a mosaic of more than 15,000 pieces of broken glass, tile, mirrors, and ceramic. Inside: collections of memorabilia from the ’50s and ’60s, including vintage bicycles. - Andrea Gross, American Profile.    
  01-02 We took a detour to visit this place which we had heard about from others. We were not disappointed.    
  04-08-01 This is a family museum with dioramas that have a lot of buttons kids can push to make things move. Also have bottles planted in the garden and around fish ponds. Very funny things here. - Dave Ford, Roadside America    
  01-03-01 It was a collection of the worst junk you have ever seen. Most of the stuff should have been in the county dump. - Bill Rocheleau