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Laurel True creates architectural, sculptural and public art mosaics. Her art adorn sparks, hospitals, schools, public buildings, restaurants, shops, and private residences. A very nice artist and a visitor to the UCM.
Smalti.Com stocks over 80 colors of smalti , including metallics and iridized, mosaic tools, and Millefiori.
pique assiette
Laurie Mika While having explored numerous mediums, her work retains a certain "look" that is unmistakable whether it be on canvas, furniture, masonite, wood or cloth
mosaic studio Weird Gardens "I had been raised to consider yards decorated with pink flamingos, elves and gnomes, plastic ducks, shell mosaics and shrines to dead pets to be vulgar."
ceramic Classical Mosaics I've always had a fascination for Renaissance, Gothic and Byzantine art - their detail, vivid colors and their ability to tell a story.
mural Flowersoup Mosaics In Durham, NC I create pieces for home and garden as well as delving into more imaginative projects for art shows.
studio Wits End Mosaic wants to be your one-stop source for mosaic supplies, tools, books and anything related to the ancient art of mosaics. Orders, inquiries and questions are answered with a personal and caring touch.
shard mosaic Isaiah Zagar See pictures of Isaiah's fabulous murals and check out the mural map and stuff for sale. A visitor to the UCM!
original mosaic Mudhouse Studio started in 1987as a clay studio for Karen Ami and quickly became a popular place for classes, workshops and artists looking for a studio space. Over the years, as the shard pile grew, Mudhouse evolved into a clay and mosaic studio.
mosaic shard Melissa's Motifs Broken china and glass tile mosaic. Neighborhood and community. Humor. Exploration of our immagination and development of our natural creative gifts. Crafts, art, and creative lessons for and by children.
contemporary mosaic Mosaic Sphere studio is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We produce both small and large scale mosaics in a variety of traditional and experimental techniques
gaudi The Grout Dye Company Our company sells grout stain / colorant on-line @ wholesale prices. Grout colorants are used in the tile industry for recoloring cementitious grouts. These colorants work well for recoloring mosaics.
mosaic art Broken Art Mosaics I mainly work in vitreous tile; a glass tile that is very vibrant in colour which does not fade over time. I also work with ceramic tile, beach glass, stained glass, shells, rocks, china, glass marbles and various ‘found’ objects.

Mozaic Designs I create my mosaic art from broken tiles, china, pottery, trinkets, jewelry, and items discarded by others. I place one piece at a time on the object randomly

blue willow Valerie Carmet One of a kind and traditional contemporary mosaic - picassiette furniture, custom and commercial projects, rare ceramic character based theme frames, mosaic-picassiette classes & workshops.
mosaic pattern Mosaic Tile Supplies is the U.S. Distributor for 9 Matrixcolor & JJ Crystal glass and porcelain mosaic tile lines in over 220 colors, sizes and styles.
workshops Mosaic Tile Guide has everything you need to know about creating mosaic tile art is presented in simple, easy-to-follow guides
fine art

Smashing Times® is a fun and whimsical destination where you can come in and create your own mosaic masterpiece or purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of unique mosaic art

mosaic studios The Joy of Shards Pique assiette is mosaic with attitude. It's where all good broken
crockery wants to go when it dies. Welcome to the joy of shards.
individual shard Ken Knowlton Computer-assisted mosaics by a long-time developer of computer graphics techniques.

For pictures of the House of Shards CLICK HERE.

Abita Mystery House

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