St. EOM or Eddie Owens Martin

St. EOM (Eddie Owens Martin) was the son of poor farmers in Georgia but he took off to New York City when he was old enough to scrape out a living as a waiter/hustler. He also traveled the world as a merchant seaman. He usually returned to Buena Vista during the summer to help with the harvest. He moved back home in 1957 after his parents died. He named the old family home "Pasaquan" and began decorating. He not only decorated his buildings but also his body - tattoos, a funny beard, flowing robes, turbans, jewelry, and head dresses. He had lived until he was 77 years in 1986.

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Buena Vista's court house (presented for a visual reference)
This building is in the town square - only a few miles from Pasaquan.

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