The Abita Mystery House can host a tour for your group.  For school groups we can offer students a "hands on" activity during their visit to the museum.  We have available a specially designed classroom, supplies, and qualified instructors.

This 90 yr. old Creole Cottage is our classroom for "hands on" activities.
Old Creole Cottage

Tours are age appropriate and may include such topics as Native Americans, Popular Culture, Local Folklore, Recyclables & Art, Genetic Nuclear Fusion, and Discrete Hydraulic Denaturants.  Please call to inquire about your special tour.

Virtual Tour

For a special "Behind The Scenes" tour
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TheAbita Mystery House is perhaps Louisiana’s most eccentric museum. This enjoyable “roadside attraction” is housed in an assemblage of buildings including a vintage service station, a 90yr old Creole cottage, an exhibition hall, and the much photographed “House of Shards.”

The main attractions in the Abita Mystery House are the incredible carved and modeled animated scenes of Southern life by Louisiana artist, John Preble. With the help of over 20,000 found and recycled objects, Preble creates his own fantastic worlds: there’s a Mardi Gras parade, a New Orleans jazz funeral, a Cajun dance hall, a haunted Southern Plantation, and much more!