When Worlds Collide

feejee merman
The Abita Mystery House now exhibits Fifi and son, relatives to the above the Feejee Merman. In 1842 P.T. Barnum introduced the USA to the Feejee merman. Immediately a sensation it made him a lot of money. After the Tsunami of December 26, 2004, a picture was circulated in the local papers of a Feejee Mermaid or Merman that was washed up on shore. Myth or legend or fact - who knows? Come see the creatures at the UCM Museum's Abita Mystery House and decide for yourself. Most people who study this type of stuff believe these creatures are part of an ancient tradition of fabricating tourist souvenirs out of monkey skulls, fish skins and animal bones.

circus freak
But we don't have a Basscat. But we got a few nibbles.

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Abita Mystery House