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Louisiana Bicycle Festival
For Pictures of the 2005 festival CLICK HERE

Now the Saturday before Father's Day in Abita Springs

Next Festival: Saturday, JUNE 14, 2006

10AM - 4PM Abita Springs

10:00am - The festival officially starts at 10am. Most bicycle enthusiasts arrive on the festival grounds hours before. Many "deals" are made before 10am.
12:30pm - The parade takes shape
  2:00pm - The ballots are collected and counted
  2:30pm - The awards and prizes are announced.
  4:00pm - The festival is officially over, however some participants who came from out of state may have already left to return home, and some participants will stay a few more hours, enjoying the fellowship with the remaining bikes and local beverages.




Bring some bikes and your may win a prize. Prizes are awarded in the following categories: Original Pre 1940; Original 1940 - 1960; Original Post 1960; Restored Pre 1940; Restored 1940 - 1960; Restored Post 1960; Custom; Decorated; Novelty; Art from Bikes or Bike Parts; and Best in Show

During the 2003 festival winners won: a new 3G bicycle, bicycle books, posters, tee shirts, bike memorabilia, certificates suitable for framing, and fantastic bragging rights!

In 2003, winners were judged by the general audience and participants. Everyone attending the festival was handed a ballot which listed each category. Bicycle owners that wanted to compete, simply attached a special festival (individually numbered) tag on their bicycle. Each person judging simply wrote the number of the bicycle they favored next to category on the ballot. Each category had a special prefix letter (i.e. N = novelty).

Next year we may do it a little different, but this system seemed to work OK.

Ballots were counted around 2pm and prizes were awarded shortly after.


The town of Abita Springs has only one traffic light and most of the streets are shaded by tall pines and live oaks. It is a bicycle friendly place and residents look forward to the festival and the parade.

The parade begins rolling at 12:30 and winds through the historic district for about 30 minutes.


Each year bicycles and components are swapped, bought and sold. Often bicycles are brought in by non-bicycle collectors simply find a good home for their bicycle. If you like to buy, sell, or swap bicycle stuff then please come prepared. An ATM machine is within walking distance, however remember this event is on Father's Day (Sunday) and banks will probably be closed. There is no charge to the vendors, participants, and general audience to make deals.

Their is a grocery/deli, pizza place, cafe, and brew pub all within walking distance to the festival. Festival food is also sold on the festival grounds




This is a laid back affair. On request, many bicycle owners will let you test ride their bicycles, however please be aware that many bicycles on exhibit are very special.


The photos used on this page do not depict actual events a the Louisiana Bicycle Festival.



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