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Here's what Festival Participants have said:

  I greatly enjoyed the Festival. I found it very refreshing to not feel like people were only intrested in making money. - D. Wilson    
  What fun! Can you put me in touch with this shoe bicycle person or have him contact me. I am interested in his shoe for a convention in New Orleans next year. - D. McCollum    

Margot and I had a blast at the bike fest. It was honestly more fun than any other bike show I've been to. The people are all super nice and delightfully eccentric. It's a great event and I hope to make it down next year. - J. Robertson

Thanks for hosting another great Bike Fest for 2003. I bought a beautiful pair of unmolested pre WWII Shelby's to add to my collection. Louisiana has an eclectic and creative custom bike culture as well as a number of serious vintage bike collectors. This year's show was much improved by the addition of several new prize catagories (good prizes too !). Combine this with the friendly town of Abita Springs, the bike trail, the variety of outstanding restarants, and the proximity to New Orleans and you have the potential to make this the best bike show in the southeast.- J. Robertson
  Hi - Carmen and I plan on commimg to the bike festival again this year--had a blast last year. - S. Lingo    
  Greetings - I've been excited about this years fest lately. now that the weather's getting warmer, I've been out in the garage working on a couple new bikes. My plan involves bringing many bikes and many friends. I wouldn't want to impose, but maybe myself and a friend or two could bring the trailer(or trailers) of bikes over the night before with tent and supplies to get an earlier start. We were a little late last year, but most my friends work or party late and do not get moving too early in the morning (especially on Sunday). I am starting to spread the word though and get the fire under people to motivate about the fest this year. - S. Struck    
  Kudos to all the people that put on the Louisiana Bicycle Festival in Abita Springs, Louisiana. The festival was a family-oriented event, centered on the Louisiana anthem, "Laizez Le Bon Temps Roulez!" (Let the good times roll). Festival-goers were not only allowed to view an eclectic assortment of bicycles, but were able to ride them, as well. There was a wide variety of bikes - pristine antiques, recumbents, choppers, and a large number of kustom bikes. It was fun to see everyone, from toddlers to seniors caught up in the event. The Bike Fest is shaping up to be the perfect community celebration reflecting this new spirit- a community-wide bike-oriented block party, unlike any other bike meet we've encountered. Abita Springs is like a fantasy of the bike-advocacy crowd, in which the good guys win. What a concept! It's a safe assumption that next year's event will be even more fun. - BikeRod&Kustom WebZine    

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