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Folk Art Environments in the USA


Folk art worlds such as Howard Finsters's Paradise Gardens in Georgia or The Rev. Dennis' decorations on Margaret's Grocery and Market in Vicksburg, Mississippi are fun places to visit. Every community has a person who creates his or her world using objects that others may throw away in the garbage. These folk art environment are also called "self made worlds." Sometimes "art critics" call the creators of these worlds "visionaries."Art cars are personal moving environments. Some people credit the New Orleans art scene as one of the origins of the art car movement.

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When visiting any art environment, please use common courtesy. If the location is private property, never enter the property without asking the owner's permission and, above all, respect the owner's privacy.  

If you are a museum like the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, PLEASE do not remove art environments from the community in which they were created.

NOTE: This page was created years ago from the many listings that was a website known as "Jane's Addiction's." This site produced was by Jane McLeavey. For other Folk Art Environment information visit

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African Village In America - Joe Minter, Birmingham AL - Joe Minter’s Yard
It can only be described as a blend of found-object artist Lonnie Holley and the late messages-from-God artist Howard Finster. It is a breathtaking collection of folk art structures that fill the entire side yard at Joe Minter’s modest home on Nassau Street. A construction worker by trade, Minter, 57, was called to build his visionary sculptures when God spoke to him and told him to plant a garden of memory. It is one he’s been building ever since. African heritage is a dominant theme in Minter’s work, and the garden blazes with yellow, green, red and black, traditional colors of the flags of many African nations. Bands of African warriors rise high above the other sculptures, their heads fashioned from the hoods of old hairdryers. Minter builds his sculptures from items he finds at thrift shops and from scraps of wood and metal he finds beside the road. A particularly moving sculpture pays tribute to the four little girls killed in the 1963 bombing of Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church. Placards of wood are painted with each child’s name and sit on empty folding chairs. Nearby a jail cell surrounds a discarded commode, a scene representing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous jailing in Birmingham during the Civil Rights era. The toilet tank is covered with block lettering detailing the event. Downplaying the talent and creative genius that mark the garden, Minter says simply, “All of this is really just the hand of God.”

Ave Maria Grotto - Joseph Zoettl, Cullman AL   - Joseph Zoettl, a lay brother, made countless small souvenir grottoes and shrines for sale at the shop of St. Bernard Abbey, a Benedictine monastery. He also amassed his own collection of miniature holy buildings which took up increasing amounts of space. Eventually the abbot commissioned him in 1932 to build a grotto on the site of a disused quarry near the monastery, where his models could be displayed. The grotto was completed in two years and contains commissioned marble statues of the Virgin and two saints amid a rich decor of marble, glass shells and concrete stalactites. It is surrounded by hundreds of miniature buildings: replicas of churches, cathedrals and shrines. On the left lie Little Jerusalem and other Holy Land shrines, to the right shrines of Europe and America, while nearby stand models of the Tower of Babel and Noah's Ark.

Gordon's Patio And Shoe Shine - Urelee Gordon and Robert "Bubba" Jones, South Hall Street, Montgomery AL - "Gordon's Patio and Shoe Sign is a single-storey building with the front exterior, most of the interior and enclosed rear exterior entirely covered in soft-coloured ceramic tile: bits and pieces, whole squares, cut-edged fractions, some sections in a single colour, most in many pastel colours, both carefully patterned and in random or seemingly random displays. You enter to the familiar sight of shoe shine ephemera and view these alongside the crazy-tiled shoeshine platform, stretching across the back wall. You then go past the proprietor in his work-corner, and emerge through the doorway to the open-air patio out back. A glistening mosaic of colour shimmers from the front of the shop to the back yard, covering a barbecue pit, two bars, walls and floors, booths and tables, imbuing the entire space with Hollywood flash and dazzle. There is also adroit stenciling and painting in rich colour on the wooden tables, metal folding chairs, and along the corrugated plastic strip which edges the bar and seating awnings. Doors, window and door jambs are fiercely dotted in strong colours. Over the years, decorative neon lighting has been added." NOTE: This environment was destroyed in June, 1997. 

Hartline Assembly Church of God - Rev. Benjamin Franklin (B.F.) Perkins (1904-1993), Bankston AL - From Marcia Weber/Art Objects: "B.F. Perkins' studio/home was burned to the ground. Areas of his environment are still restorable and could be relocated to avoid being destroyed by neglect. Any restoration ideas would be greatly appreciated." Individual pieces can be found for sale. - America Oh Yes! Gallery: "Rev. Benjamin Franklin (B.F.) Perkins", Marcia Weber/Art Objects: "Benjamin Franklin Perkins", Self-Taught Folk Artists: "Benjamin Franklin Perkins", Barbara Archer Gallery: "Benjamin Perkins".

House of the Apocalypse - George Kornegay (1913-) - "Born near Tuscaloosa AL, he began building a two-acre environment of paintings and sculptures of found objects in Montgomery in 1960. The site includes African and Indian traditions, biblical wisdom, and apocalyptic visions."

House of Wunder - Butch, Seale AL - "Known simply as Butch, he is a true folk artist living his trade. When he drives up to his home in his decorated hearse, you know you're in for a treat. His yard is full of odd metal sculptures of strange animals and there is of course his bottle tree that keeps spirits away. In the house he demonstrates his guitar fashioned from a hubcap and he's proud to show off his many impractical folk art pieces. Laced with humor and whimsy, this place Butch calls home is truly unique."  

Miracle Cross Garden and Trailer Park - Rev. W.C. Rice (1930-), 1330 Indian Hill Road, Route 43, Prattville AL. The family of Mr. W.C. Rice of the Cross Garden would like to inform you that he passed away on January 18, 2004 at 4:50 PM. He was buried on January 21, 2004 at 2:00PM in Prattville, Al - The Cross Photos: "W. C. Rice's Cross Garden Gallery", Interesting Ideas: "W.C. Rice's Cross Garden", "Cross Garden: Hell's Warning Label", and Modern Primitive: "W.C. Rice".  

Sandman Studio and Square Acre of Art - Lonnie Holley (1950-), Birmingham AL - The Zetter Collection: "Lonnie Holley" and Luise Ross Gallery: "Lonnie Holley". His original environment was taken over by the Birmingham International Airport and after a settlement, some of the work was relocated to Harpersville.  

Tin-Man Sculpture Garden - Charlie "Tinman" Lucas (1951-), Pink Lily AL, outside of Prattville, Autauga County - While recovering from a back injury, Charlie began making scrap metal sculptures. His larger than life people and animals decorate his garden environment. Charlie also paints on boards. Individual pieces can be found for sale at Self-Taught Folk Art: "Charlie Lucas", Marcia Weber Gallery: "Charlie Lucas", Headfooters Gallery (under artists): "Charlie Lucas", Anton Haardt Gallery (under Artists): "Charlie Lucas", and The Zetter Collection: "Charlie "Tinman" Lucas".



Farwell's Dinosaur Park - J.O. Parker & AC "Doc" McBride, Beaver Dam Road, Eureka Springs AR - Over 50 creatures inhabit this environment on an Arkansas hilltop. Dick Lightle's Collectible Postcards: Phytosaur and Protoceratops.

Old Mill Park - Dionicio Rodriguez, Fairway Ave. & Lakeshore Drive, North Little Rock AR 72116, Tel: (501) 758-1424.

Quigley's Castle - Elise Quigley (1910-1984), 274 Quigley Castle Rd, on Hwy 23, 4 miles south of Eureka Springs AR



Decorated Home and Yard - Jerry A. Hall, Tucson AZ - The Arizona Daily Star: "Gawk and Grin".

Driftwood Charley's World of Lost Art - Charles Caskin, Yuma AZ  

Eliphante - Mike Kahn & Leda Livant, near Cornville AZ

Garden of Gethsemane - Felix Lucero (1895-1951), Congress St. and Santa Cruz River, Tucson AZ.  

God's Little Acre - Della Wilcox, Tucson AZ - A little way down the old highway that links Tucson to Nogales, Mexico. A three room house decorated with cacti skeletons and castoffs, glass and tiles, bottles and children's toys, a 'general store' a rock garden, and two teepees made of glass bottles. This environment is in ruins. One of the teepees has already collapsed and the other is in danger of collapsing. The current owners plan on tearing down the buildings.

Gus Brethauer's Salvage Yard (aka Somewhere Over the Rainbow) - Gus Brethauer, Phoenix AZ - The Orange Show (photos by NarrowLarry): "Gus Brethauer's Salvage Yard".  

Mr. Louis Lee's Oriental Rock Garden - Louis Lee, Phoenix AZ - The Orange Show (photos by NarrowLarry): "Mr. Louis Lee and his Rock Garden"  

Mystery Castle - Boyce Luther Gulley (1883-1945), 800 E Mineral Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042-8341, Tel: (602) 268-1581 - Deuce of Clubs: "Mystery Castle" and The Orange Show (photos by NarrowLarry): "Mystery Castle".

Sunnyslope Rock Garden - Grover C. Thompson, 10023 N.13th Place, Phoenix AZ - The Kohler Foundation is funding a relocation of the Sunnyslope Rock Garden from it's existing location to the new satellite campus of Arizona State University. "Sunnyslope Rock Garden", and The Orange Show (photos by NarrowLarry): "Grover C. Thompson's Sunnyslope Rock Garden".

Valley of the Moon - George Phar Legler, 22544 East Allen Rd, Tucson AZ, Tel: (502) 323-1331 - Deuce of Clubs: "Valley of the Moon".



Albany Bulb - Berkeley CA - A dump used for construction debris and household trash, artists have transformed the area with art made from found objects and driftwood found there. The State Parks Department took over the site June 2003 and art making will be effectively banned. Fletcher's Folly: "The Bulb".

Bottle Village - Grandma Prisbrey, Simi Valley CA  

Calico Bottle House - Calico Ghost Town, Yermo CA - agilitynut: "Calico Bottle House".

Capidro - John Guidici, Menlo Park CA

Desert Christ Park - Antone Martin, Yucca Valley CA - "Desert Christ Park".

The Desert Sculpture Garden - Noah Purifoy, Joshua Tree CA

The Desert View Tower & Boulder Park Caves - Bert Vaughn with M.T. Ratcliffe, Jacumba CA

Duke Cahill's "Yard" - Duke Cahill, 7500 block of Power Inn Road, just north of Gerber Road, Sacramento CA - SAC: "Fire ravages monument to eccentricity" and Gallery Horse Cow: "Duke Cahill".

Enchanted Garden - Albert Glade, Los Angeles CA

George's Garden - Davis CA - "A colorful, curbside garden has been created on an abandoned strip of land bordering the railway tracks in Davis CA. George, a 69-year old retired construction worker, turned the unclaimed land into an attractive little site, using found materials, flowers and painted rocks."

Happy Villa - William Averett, CA - This environment was vandalized and is possibly no longer there.

House Of One Thousand Paintings - Sanford Darling, Santa Barbara CA

Hulaville - Miles Mahan, Hesperia CA - "Mahan's Half-Acre (Hulaville)". Though a California State Landmark, this environment has been dismantled. Some of the pieces can be seen in the California Route 66 Museum: "Hula Ville - Twentieth Century Folk Art".

La Casa Formica - Joe Formica, El Cerrito CA - Virginia Bates Zielinski: "The Joseph Formica Gate".

Litto's Hubcap Ranch - Emanuel "Litto" Damonte, Pope Valley CA

Nitt Witt Ridge - Arthur Harold Beal ("Capt. Nitt Witt"), San Luis Obispo CA

The Old Trapper's Lodge - John Ehn, Woodland Hills CA

PEMABO's Peace Garden - Peter Mason Bond, San Francisco CA

Possum Trot - Calvin and Ruby Black, Yermo CA

Queen Califla's Magical Circle - Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002), 3333 Bear Valley Pkwy, Escondido CA - Home Page: "Queen Califla's Magical Circle". For more info on Niki de Saint Phalle, see Il Parco dei Tarocchi in the Environments section.

Rock And Roll House - Richard Margolin, 125 A Street, Encinitas CA - Home Page: "Richard Margolin's Rock And Roll House".

The Salvation Mountain - Leonard Knight, Niland CA

Teepee Tower - Ron Henggeler, 915 Fulton Street, San Francisco CA

Tin And Cement Sculptures - Mark Malcolm Walker, Willitts CA

Toilet Seat Yard Show - John A. Kostopoulos (?-1996), Boron CA - "King Of Toilet Seat Arts".

Tree Circus - Axel Erlandson (1884-1964), remaining trees have been relocated to Bonfante Gardens Theme Park, 3050 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy, CA 95020, Tel: (408) 840-7100 - Home Page: "Bonafante Circus Trees", Raw Vision Magazine: "The Tree Circus: John Turner follows the fate of Axel Erlandson's twisted trees", and "A Short History of Axel Erlandson and his Tree Circus".

Underground Gardens - Baldasare Forestiere (1879-1946), 5021 W. Shaw Avenue, Fresno CA 93722, Tel: (559) 271-0734, California State Historic Landmark 916 - "Baldasare's Magnum Opus" and HGTV page with Real Player tour: "Underground Garden".

Watts Towers - Simon Rodia, Los Angeles CA

Wooden Garden - Romano Gabriel, Eureka CA

World Of Lost Art - "Driftwood" Charlie Kasling, Andrade CA



Bishop's Castle - Jim Bishop, on State Highway 165 approximately 12 miles southeast of the junction of SH 96 and SH 165, Beulah CO - Home Page: "Bishop's Castle"; Mark A. Hassman: "Bishop's Castle"; and Minnesota Museum Of The Mississippi And Other Natural Wonders: "Bishop's Castle".



Holly Hill Dinosaur Forest and Sculpture Garden - Jeff Wells, Uncasville CT

Holy Land USA - John Greco (1895-1986) - off I-84 in Waterbury CT, this environment is in a sad state of disrepair and is closed to the public - "Holy Land U.S.A.", agilitynut: "Holy Land", and blowtorch: "Holy Land USA!".

Nut Museum - Elizabeth Tashjian, 303 Ferry Road, Old Lyme CT - "The Nut Lady's Home Page" and "Nationally recognized Nut Museum finds new home at Connecticut College".



The Bottle Cap Inn - Joe Wiser, Miami FL - Interesting Ideas: "Joe Wiser's Bottle Cap Inn" and agilitynut: "Joe Wiser's Bottle Cap Inn". This building no longer exists.

Castle Otttis - Rusty Ikes, St. Augustine FL - "Castle Otttis".

Coral Castle - Edward Leedskalnin, Homestead FL

Cypress Knee Museum - Tom Gaskin Sr., Palmdale FL - "Tom Gaskins Cypress Knee Museum".

Lowman's Clorox Bottle House - Dunnellon FL

Miracle House Of Mirrors - Makiki (Geraldo Alphonso) (1918-1998), Key West FL - Raw Vision Magazine: "Ann Boese reflects on the life of Makiki".

Moses House - Taft & Harold Richardson and Kenny Dickerson - Taft Richardson's bone sculpture, Kenny Dickerson's canes, and the gardens cultivated by Harold Richardson come from a religious calling. They created Moses House to be a cultural center for inner city children. Their work is meant to be "spiritual," and is not done for aesthetic reasons."

Neptune's Statue - Lewis van Dercar, south tip of Merritt Island, Pasco County FL.

Pull-Tab Place - Ray Cyrek, Homosassas Springs FL - A retiree in Florida, Ray Cyrek used thousands of aluminum poptops to construct lawn ornaments in the form of snowmen, windmills, angels and butterflies, covering the entire property in front of his trailer.

Sculpture Yard - Jesse James Aaron (1887-1979), Gainesville FL - When his business failed, Aaron prayed for an alternative and said that God responded "go carve." He saw human and animal forms in the wood he found and let them out with a chainsaw. Individual pieces can be found for sale.

Solomon's Castle - Howard Solomon, 4533 Solomon Rd, Ona FL - Home Page: "Solomon's Castle" and "Solomon's Castle".

Stanley's Museum - "Barefoot" Stanley Papio (1914-1982), Key Largo FL - Keys Historeum: "Sculptor Stanley "Barefoot" Papio".



Bailey's Sculpture Garden - Rev. Eldren M. Bailey, 396 Rockwell S.W., Atlanta GA - Working mainly with plaster or cement, Bailey built a collection of monuments and shrines in a small yard next to his home. His sculptures and vase forms were sometimes painted. There is a monument to John F. Kennedy along with other figures, with his best-known piece being the statue of Hank Aaron. Roadtrip America: "The Captivating Art of Clayton Bailey".

Church And Gallery - Floria Yancey, Brooklyn GA

Devil's Drinking Party Yard Show - Dilmus Hall (1900-1987), Athens GA - Individual pieces may be found for sale - Southern Spirit (bio): "Dilmus Hall" and Barbara Archer Gallery: "Dilmus Hall".

Garden of Eden's United Christian Church's Training Center for All Churches - Rev. John D. Ruth, Woodville GA - While working as a musician in Athens, John had a visionary experience which led him to believe that music was he work of the devil. He returned to Woodville and became a preacher in a Pentecostal church. He also created a 23 acre garden filled with statues and paintings covered with messages and teachings from the Bible. After he died, the environment was destroyed.

Hoke Ridge House - James Billy (J.B.) Lemming, Trion GA

Mrs. Pope's Museum - Laura Pope (Forester), GA

Nellie Mae's Play House - Nellie Mae Rowe (1900-1982), Vining GA - Individual pieces may be found for sale - Raw Vision Magazine: "Makin' a Way Outta No Way", Ginger Young Gallery: "Nellie Mae Rowe", and Barbara Archer Gallery: "Nellie Mae Rowe".

Paradise Gardens - Rev. Howard Finster (1916-2001), Summerville GA 30747, Tel: (706) 857-2926 - Home Page: "Finster Folk Art", Folk Art Messenger: "The Paradise That No One Wants: Report From Paradise Garden", Interesting Ideas: "Howard Finster's Paradise Garden", Raw Vision Magazine: "Howard Finster", Intuit: "Howard Finster", and Dilettante Press: "Howard Finster" and "Howard Finster Remembered". Individual pieces may be found for sale - Self-Taught Folk Artists: "Howard Finster", Gordon Gallery: "Howard Finster", and America Oh Yes! Gallery: "Howard Finster".

Pasaquan - St. EOM (Eddie Owens Martin) (1909-1986), Eddie Martin Road, Buena Vista, Columbus GA - This site is currently not open to the public. Home Page: "Pasaquan: the artistic creation of Saint EOM", Raw Vision Magazine: "Pasaquan", Interesting Ideas: "The Walls of Pasaquan", "Pasaquan: Home of the Wizard of Buena Vista", NarrowLarry: "The Land Of Pasaquan, and the UCM Museum: "St. EOM or Eddie Owens Martin. Many other links available by Google search for Pasaquan. Preservation of this environment is handled by The Pasaquan Preservation Society, P.O. Box 553, Buena Vista, GA 31803, (229) 649-9444. Varying levels of membership are available.

September 11 Memorial Garden and Trail - Bob Hart, 320 Morton Farm Lane, Athens GA 30605, (706) 543-8786 - Bob Hart has constructed a gently winding forest trail of several hundred yards, measured by 99 tall signposts containing the names of every person killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks on America. The trail begins with Elie Weisel's words, "Memory may be our most important weapon against fanaticism," and then leads you past sculptures in rock, wood and steel that retell what happened to all of those individuals on that day. Bob's trail will leave you with a profound feeling of connection to those who perished. Directions to the trail are in Bob Hart's website: "September 11 Memorial Garden and Trail".

Space View Museum - Brother Morris, Madison GA

Ulysses Barber Shop - Ulysses Davis (1914-1990), Savannah GA - Between customers and after working hours, Ulysses decorated his barber shop with carved religious, patriotic and historical wooden figures. He also made some animals and carved reliefs. Occasionally, individual pieces may be found for sale.

Whirligig Yard Show - R.A. Miller (see "R.A. Miller" in artists section)



Decorated Home & Gardens - Angel Ramirez, 1022 Gullick Avenue, Kalihi HI. This popular environment was destroyed following the death of Mr. Ramirez in 1994.

Kaymangui - Flavian Sidarian, Honomu HI



When visiting any art environment, please use common courtesy. If the location is private property, never enter the property without asking the owner's permission and, above all, respect the owner's privacy.

Jerry's Eyrie - Jerry McKinnon, 200 East Gholson Avenue, Holly Springs, Wallace ID, Tel: (662) 252-2515 or (662) 252-1918 - Roadtrip America: "Jerry McKinnon".



When visiting any art environment, please use common courtesy. If the location is private property, never enter the property without asking the owner's permission and, above all, respect the owner's privacy.

African-American Heritage Museum and Black Veterans Archives 3 - Dr. Charles Smith, 126 S. Kendall, Aurora IL, Tel: (630) 375-0657 - Dr. Smith has relocated to 231 LeBoeuf St., New Orleans LA. He sold his site in Aurora IL to the Kohler Foundation. The sculpture may be moved to the Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin. Together with Charles Gilliam, he is creating a new environment in Algiers Point, New Orleans, Louisiana. Smith, meanwhile, has also purchased a house in Hammond where he has plans for an installation that will be the next point north from New Orleans. NarrowLarry: "The African-American Heritage Museum And Black Veteran's Archives".

Bottle Castle - Rockome Gardens, Arcola IL - "Bottle Castle".

Decorated Apartment - Joe "40,000" Murphy, Chicago IL - Interesting Ideas: "A World Of His Own".

The House of Crosses - Mitchell Szewczjyk, Chicago IL - "In an old hispanic quarter of Chicago, among the modest houses all huddled together, stands a small dwelling covered with crosses of all sizes and colours. Old Mitchell, a slender, unassuming fellow walks around and around the house. He closely scrutinizes the work he has just done, then strides off to see it from a distance. Every vantage point must be taken into consideration. With his strong Polish accent and muscular hands, Mitchell explains how important it is for each and every new cross to find its proper place in the overall composition. One wrongly placed item and everything is threatened. The names on the crosses may give some clues as to his motivation: John Wayne, Rudolph Valentino, Doris Day, Dorothy Lamour, Ida Lupino, Tarzan, Don Juan, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Kim Novack, Lancelot, St. James, Venus and Christ Royal. These markers are memorials to those great beings who have touched the life of Mitchell."

Jubilee Dairy - William Notzke (1891-?), Highway 150 near Brimfield, 15 miles west of Peoria, Jubilee IL - Susan A. Niles: "Jubilee Dairy".

Polksi Artiste - Chicago IL

Shell House - Sam Meyers, Liverpool IL - This house no longer exists.

Woodland Palace - Fred Francis (1856-1926), Route 34, 3 miles east of Kewanee IL, Tel: (309) 852-0511 - The unique home of Frederick Francis was built in 1890 out of brick, stone and native wood. The house features disappearing doors and windows, an air cooling system, radiant heat deflectors in the fireplace chimney and running water, all without the benefit of electricity.

Yard Show - Derrick Webster (1934-), Chicago IL - When Derek bought his home in 1974, he experienced an urge to decorate the house and yard. He used found wood and objects to make elaborate imaginative constructions. Besides the large forms, Webster also creates smaller animals.



Folk Art Emporium - Dan Slaughter, Highway 18 about one mile west of McGregor, just before the White Springs Night Club, McGregor IA - Heart2Art2Heart: "Chainsaw Dan" and Courier Press: "McGregor Man Creates Colorful Characters".

Grotto of the Redemption - Father Paul M. Dobberstein (1872-1954), northwest of Fort Dodge between Highways 18 & 20, West Bend IA 50597, Tel: (515) 887-2371 - Home Page: "Grotto of the Redemption", "Grotto of the Redemption", NarrowLarry: "Grotto of the Redemption", and some large photos at DesMoinesRiver.Org: "Grotto of the Redemption". Craig S. Thom also has some nice large images at: "Grottos and other Concrete Places".

Jolly Ridge (aka Inspiration Point) - Paul Friedlein, off Hwy 52, Guttenberg IA



Circle 3 Ranch - Ray O. Smith, Longford KS

Continental Sculpture Hall - Inez Marshall (1907-1984), Portis KS - Leonard H. Axe Library: Inez Marshall's Autobiograpy".

Deeble Rock Garden - Florence Deeble (1900-), 129 Fairview, Lucas KS - For tour info, contact Grassroots Art Center, 213 South Main Street, P.O. Box 304, Lucas, KS 67648, Tel: (785) 525-6118 - Grassroots Art Center: "Florence Deeble's Rock Garden" and LASR: "Florence Deeble's Rock Garden".

Garden of Eden & Cabin Home - S.P. Dinsmoor, Lucas KS

James Perucca Environment - James V. Perucca (1927-2001), Shawnee Mission KS - "A one and a quarter acre "yard environment" was constructed by James V. Perucca over a period of 30 years. The 74-year old artist's death in May, 2001 has put the future of his "yardscape" in jeopardy. In the late 1960s, on his parents' death, Perucca moved into the family's typically suburban American house with yard and garden, gave up his job in sales, and began work on his Constructions. Using found domestic and garden materials (children's toys, jewelry, kitchen and garden equipment, coffee jars and cookie tins), he wove an elaborate fence-like structure which he suspended along an elaborate connecting cord made from discarded fabrics and ribbons and garden hose which he stretched from inside the house, down the steps and into and around the garden. He hung and threaded religious statues, toys, stuffed animals, and customized domestic objects on the weave of the net, creating a 'glimmering, shimmering carnival of colour, texture and forms'. Perucca said his environment was recycled by the seasons, the birds nd squirrels. His themes included references to his Catholic faith in personal shrines and areas entitled "Garden of Jesus", "Bottle Garden", "Shrine to the Virgin Mary" and "Virgin Shrine". Occasional vandalism and fines by the City council bedevilled Perucca in life."

Prairie Monuments - Ed Root (1867-1959), Wilson KS - This environment no longer exists but individual pieces were salvaged.

Wilson House - Leroy Wilson, Luray KS

Yard Show - Myron "M.T." Liggett (1930-), about 35 miles southeast of Dodge City, in Mullinville KS - Liggett cuts, welds, and paints scrap metal. He has about two miles (three deep) of sculptures. These "totem poles," as he calls them, are frequently politically motivated and some are like windmills. He usually doesn't sell his art.



The House Of Many Crosses - Harrison Mayes (1898-1986), Middlesboro KY - David Ray Smith: "SmithDRay's Harrison Mayes Page".

Yard Art - Gus Ballard (1916-), the alley behind the 1000 block of Mulberry Street, Louisville KY - Ballard, a retiree from American-Standard (a plumbing supplies manufacturer), has decorated the back of his Schnitzelburg house and the shed behind it with an extraordinary variety of bright, mostly plastic, cast-off material: his collection of 2,000 beer caps, carpet samples, a blue rocking horse, hubcaps, scuba flippers, red plastic cups strung eight or so together, little colored plastic bowling pins, and more.



Bottle House Gift Shop - Alexandria LA

Charles Gilliam and Charles Smith Home Environments - Together with Charles Smith, Charles Gilliam is creating an environment that covers four houses at 231 LeBoeuf St. in Algiers Point, New Orleans, Louisiana. Gambit Weekly: The Outsiders: For Charles Smith and Charles Gillam, the winding path of folk art starts at Algiers Point. Individual pieces can be found for sale at Garde Rail Gallery: "Charles Gillam" and Primitive Kool Art: "Charles Gillam".

Fantastico - Prophet Royal Robertson, Baldwin LA

Kenny Hill Sculpture Environment Kenny Hill (born1950-), Chauvin LA - Narrow Larry: Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden and The UCM Museum: Kenny Hill Environment. This environment has recently been opened by The Kohler Foundation: Chauvin Sculpture Environment.

Leesville Mini Town - Leesville LA - The UCM Museum: Leesville Mini Town.

UCM Museum Abita Springs, Louisiana

Yard Show - David Butler, Patterson LA

Kelly's Art Car An incredible VW art car from New Orleans



Everett's Miniature Village - Everett Knowlton, Main Street, Stonington ME - "On the Western edge of main street there is an unusual miniature village. A newly married couple exit from the church, a farmer stores his hay in the barn, there are houses, a store, and the Sail Inn. The village stands as a tribute to its maker Everett Knowlton who created it for fun at the rate of one house a year. Some of the houses are occupied and some are empty. Peer through the windows to see which is which and what's going on behind the walls." (from:

Shrines - James Fangbone, Solon ME

Stone Garden - Max Tibbetet, East Boothbay ME



The Labyrinth at the Amaranthine Museum/Les Harris Studio - 3500 Clipper Road MD, Tel: 410-523-2574 or 410-366-0574 - This installation is the life work of artist Les Harris. The museum is rich with different textures, colors, and ideas. Harris' style could be described as maximalism, and the installation is like a tour of art history from pre history to modern times and beyond. Open to the public 1st Sunday of each month from 2-4pm.

Ocean Gallery World Center - Joseph Leonard Kro Art, 2nd Street and Boardwalk, Ocean City MD - Home Page: Ocean Gallery World Center.



Nashional Dinoland - Cornell S. Nash, South Hadley MA - "Nashional Dino Land".

Paper House - Elis Stenman (?-1942), 52 Pigeon Hill Street, Pigeon Cove, Rockport MA, Tel: (978) 546-2629 - agilitynut: "Paper House", "Postcards Of The Paper House", "The Paper House" and Essex Heritage: "The Paper House".



Bottle House - John Jacob Makinen, Sr. (1871-1942), Kaleva MI.

Dinosaur Gardens Prehistorical Zoo - Paul Domke, 11160 US 23 South, Ossineke MI, Tel: (989) 471-5477 - "Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo".

Heidelberg Project - Tyree Guyton (1955-), Detroit MI 48219, Tel: (313) 537-8037 - Home Page: "Heidelberg Project" and large images at: "Detroit Free Press".

Home Environment - George Zysk, Jackson Street, Grand Haven MI - For almost 20 years, George Zysk nearly covered the yellow and green house and his yard with hand-painted wooden placards expressing his viewpoints on local, state and federal politics. His sign work was often compared to that of Jesse Howard. In May of 2001, his son Craig removed all the signs from the house and yard. Holland Sentinel: "Signs of expression stripped from home".

Home Environment - Mae Mast, Webster Township MI - Every inch of the interior of Mae's home is covered with decoration, as are all the exterior surfaces of the house and outbuildings.

Italian-American Artistic and Historical Museum - Silvio Barile, 26417 Plymouth Road, Redford, MI (outside Detroit), (313) 937-2288 - American Folklore Society: "Silvio Barile Shows Off His Cement Sculptures".

Lund's Scenic Gardens - Leland MI



Ellsworth Rock Garden - Jack Ellsworth (1899–1974) - Lake Kabetogama, International Falls MN, only accessible by boat. For information or to receive a brochure about Ellsworth Rock Gardens contact: Mary Graves, Voyageurs National Park, 3131 Highway 53, International Falls MN 56649, 218-283-9821,

Joe Suilmann's Museum - Joe Suilman, Wabasha MN - Wurlington Brothers Press: "Joe Suilmann's Museum" and Minnesota Museum Of The Mississippi And Other Natural Wonders: "Joe Suilmann's Museum".

Mari Newman's Sculpture Garden - Mari Newman, Minneapolis MN - "Mari Newman's garden is described by local gallery owner J. Pierce as 'the house at the end of the rainbow, a little fantasy in the middle of a dull block in the city.' Conversely, some local neighbors protest that it looks like a continuous garage sale and worry about the threat to house prices. Not only has Mari Newman received abuse in the streets, her house and garden have been repeatedly vandalised. Items have to be bolted to the ground to prevent theft. Her garage door has been spray painted with the words 'die bitch' and a black cross has been painted on her front door." Mari's Sculpture Garden goes against zoning laws and it's possible it will be destroyed without community support.

The Molehill, The Towers and Gardens of Antiquities, and Louie's Rock Garden - Louis Wippich (1896-1973), Sauk Rapids MN - Wurlington Brothers Press: "The Molehill" and Minnesota Museum Of The Mississippi And Other Natural Wonders: "The Molehill".


When visiting any art environment, please use common courtesy. If the location is private property, never enter the property without asking the owner's permission and, above all, respect the owner's privacy.

Black Madonna Shrine and Grottos - Brother Bronislaus Luszcz (1893-1960), St. Joseph Road, Eureka MO 63025, Tel: (314) 938-5361.

Christian Nativity Rock Museum 3 - Claude Melton, Kearney MO - "When Claude Melton became disgruntled with his church in 1938, he set out to build a grotto which would celebrate the life and times of Jesus - then and now. The grotto began when Melton dug out (by hand) the basement under his house and filled the area with his work. He added additions running on all sides of the building, and the basement is now a diorama. The grotto consists of two main elements, the diorama and the tableau. They depict scenes from either Biblical - The Garden of Eden, The Governor's Palace of Pontius Pilate, a 3-D map of the Holy Land - or more esoteric - Chris Columbus and the Pilgrims, Welcome to Kearney, the Betterway Supper Club and the Apollo Moon Landing. Sadly, the environment is deteriorating. Due to ill health, Melton abandoned his grotto four years ago, and the roof on the garage is collapsing. His daughter and several townsfolk have decided to save the grotto but the site is in dire straits." If you or someone you know can help, please contact The Kansas Grassroots Arts Association.

Concrete Sculpture Garden 2 - Ralph Lanning (1916-), Springfield MO (near the highway) - "Spread across 8.5 acres of land, 87-year old Lanning has created a menagerie of animals and mythical creatures, including mermaids and two-headed dragons. The mythological is balanced with the religious: Christian symbolism is also important in his work. His sculptures include angels, a giant pair of praying hands, the crucifixion of Christ, together with a miniature church."

Sorehead Hill - Jesse Howard, Fulton MO



Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art - Roger & Jennifer Stolle, proprietors - 252 Delta Ave.
Clarksdale, MS 38614; ph: 662-624-5992

Earl's Art Shop - Earl Wayne Simmons

Holy Jeweled Home - Loy Allen Bowlin ("The Original Rhinestone Cowboy") (1909-1995) - Originally located in Mississippi, Loy Bowlin's "Rhinestone Cowboy" house and objects are now part of the permanent collection at John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. See "Home Envionment" on Wisconsin page.

Margaret's Grocery and Market - Margaret Rogers Dennis and her husband Reverend H. D. Dennis, Route 4, Box 219, Vicksburg MS - UCM Museum Rev. Dennis Home Page: "Rev. Dennis", Interesting Ideas: "Photos", NarrowLarry: "Margaret's Grocery And Market", Lucky Mojo: "Margaret's Grocery And Market", and The Daily Mississippian: "Living in the Deep South: Elderly preacher offers a different look at God".

Mary's Sign Garden - Mary T. (Tillman) Smith (1904-1995), Hazelhurst MS - Mary's Sign Garden is gone now but individual pieces can be found for sale - Raw Vision Magazine: "Her Name Is Someone: William Arnett explores the hardship endured by Mary T. Smith and the extent of her creations", ricco|maresca gallery: "Mary T. Smith", Modern Primitive: "Mary T. Smith", Anton Haardt Gallery (under Artists): "Mary T. Smith", and Gordon Gallery: "Mary T. Smith".

Montay's Mirror House A New folk art world near McComb, Mississippi (Montay aka Bernard has asked us to remove his photos off and info off the site.)

Palestinian Gardens - Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Jackson, Lucedale MS, 12 miles north of town, 6.5 miles east of Hwy 98. Miniature reproductions of Holy Land places such as Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Don and Cindy Bradley, proprietors. Admission: $2.50.

Shoe Show - Mrs. L.V. Hull, 123 Allen Street, Kosciusko MS, Tel: (601) 289-4746 - "Within the yard, shoes of every size and color seem to sprout from the ground. Old television sets have words of wisdom painted on the front and sides. Every inch of the yard and house is crammed with painted creations made from found objects. Mrs. Hull enjoys visitors, with a polite phone call first suggested."



Little Mansion - Tim Anderson, Seventh Street, Roundup MT - "A fantasyland of metal, rock and wood. He's erected pillars of car parts, posts of crankshafts and tractor tools, and portals from four-poster beds. Anderson's whirligigs stand on pilings that might have been salvaged from Atlantis. His metal birdhouse towers could be stately satires of the industrial age. Out in the yard are cars made of wood fragments and others made of iron castoffs."

The Mining Life - Dominic Job, Missoula MT - "There's the Winchester mine tunnel with a rail car emerging, filled with rock, and across the yard is the bigger Black Diamond mine. There is a jail, even an outhouse. Each display is like a short story."

Pathway Through the Bible - Adolph Land, Joliet MT - Wurlington Brothers Press: Pathway Through the Bible.

Stickman Garden - Lee and Dee Steen (1897-), Roundup MT - The twin brothers created a fantastic and elaborate environment from natural objects and discards. Lee made human and animal figures from broken pieces of trees. The brothers also kept tamed wild animals scattered throughout the yard art. Pieces of this environment have been archived at the Paris Gibson Square Art Center in Great Falls MT.



Carhenge - Jim Reinders, just north of Alliance NE

Coleman Garden - Harry L. Coleman, Paxton NE

Healing Machines - Emery Blagdon (1907-1986), North Platte NE - The 700 "machines" were removed from the barn in which they were stored and were shown in exhibits around the country. The majority of the shed pieces of the Emery Blagdon Healing Machines have now been acquired by Kohler Foundation. Kohler Foundation will conserve the machines and paintings and then gift them to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, allowing them to be exhibited to the public.

Museum of the Odd - Charles P. Johnson, 701 "Y" Street, Lincoln NE, Tel: (402) 476-6735 - "Lincolnite Orchestrates Museum Of Odds And Ends".



Castillo del Sol - Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, Las Vegas NV - HGTV: "Castillo del Sol".

Goldfield Bottle House - Goldfield NV - Nevada (image): "Residents pose at the bottle house, Goldfield 1906".

House Of Lost Memories (Bottle House) - Pittman NV, destroyed.

Kelly's Bottle House - Rhyolite NV - agilitynut: "Kelly's Bottle House".

Ma Page's Bottle House - John and Maxine (Ma & Pa) Page, Limerick Canyon NV - Shelter Online: "Ma Page's Bottle House".

Peck's Bottle House - William F. Peck, Tonopah NV - Built in 1902; torn down in the early 1980s. agilitynut: "Peck’s Bottle House ".

Thunder Mountain Monument - Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder (Frank Van Zandt) (1921-1989), Imlay NV - Debra Jane's Home Page: "Thunder Mountain Monument", Roadtrip America: "Thunder Mountain Monument", and Nevada (slideshow): "Thunder Mountain Monument".


New Jersey

Fabulous Fifty Acres - John Val Jean "Lucky Dustin" Mahalchik, Mount Holly NJ

Fairy Garden - Joseph Laux (1904-1991), Deptford NJ - Joseph used rocks, shells and broken china embedded in concrete to build his English fortress with castles and moats, bridges, baskets, and more. The site is maintained by the family and may be seen in the yard that adjoins the family home on Route 41 in Deptford.

Jugg City USA - Josephine Stapleton, Route 40, Mays Landing NJ - Cafe Compendium: "Jugg City USA".

Kea's Ark - Kea Tawana, Newark NJ

Luna Parc - Ricky Boscarino, Sussex County, NJ - Home Page: "Luna Parc". Not open to the public.

Palace Depression - George Daynor (?-1964), Hwy 55 Landis Avenue exit, east on Landis, then right on South Mill Road, Vineland NJ - Weird NJ: The Palace Depression To Rise Again?, "Palace of Depression", agilitynut: "Palace Depression", and Raw Vision Magazine: "Holly Metz Traces The History Of A Lost Environment - And Looks To Its Future".

Statue of Liberty - George Arbuckel, Vineland NJ

Villa Capri - Angelo Nardone, 4 Franklin Avenue, Nutley NJ - As of June 2000, this environment was on the way to being demolished. Read all about it on the Nutley Volunteer Web Page: "Town Takes Steps to Find and Remove Valuable Artifacts (If Any) Before Villa Capri Property is Demolished".

Whirligig Garden - Matteo Radoslovich (1883-1972), West New York NJ - In 1947 Matteo began to create whirligigs out of wood, and later incorporated other materials. His entire yard was filled with boats, soldiers, dancing girls, and other characters. When he died the work was about to be thrown out but a folk art "picker" came along and the pieces were sold to collectors.


New Mexico

Bone Zone - Tammy Jean Lange, New Mexico State Road 14, between Madrid and Cerrillos on west side of road, NM - "There's a bone motorcycle and a bridge over a stream made of broken bottles. A bone dollhouse is decorated with a sign: Better Bonz and Gardens. The creation is by tattoo artist Tammy Jean Lange, whose work has appeared in galleries and Baltimore's Museum of Visionary Art." (from: - Steve Terrell (scroll down): "The Magical Turquoise Trail: The Bone Zone".

Loco Hill - W. Ray Pixley, Loco Hills NM

Shaffer Hotel & Rancho Bonito - Clem "Pop" Shaffer (1880-?), PO Box 475, Mountainair NM 87036, Tel: (505) 847-2888 or toll-free: (800) 293-2888 - SCA: "Shaffer Hotel"; Rancho Bonito: Hwy 55 South.

TinkerTown Museum - Ross & Carla Ward, 121 Sandia Crest Road, Sandia Park, (505) 281-5233, open April through October - Home Page: "TinkerTown".


New York

Easter Island on the Hudson - Ted Ludwiczak (1926-) - Stone carvings on the Hudson River & Home Environment - Folk Art Messenger: "Ted Ludwiczak's Easter Island on the Hudson".

Faust Art Park and Sculpture Garden - Lawrence Faust, Northville NY - "Tucked in the foothills of New York's Adirondack Mountains is a 150+ sculpture environment created by 56-year old self-taught artist Lawrence Faust. Visitors are invited to touch, play and explore the Faust Art Park sculptures whose subjects range from the whimsical, such as the asparagus see-saw and the giant kaleidoscope, to the spiritual and provoking."

Garden - Eddie Boros, NY

Garden Of Eden - Adam Purple, NYC NY - This garden has been destroyed and replaced by low income housing.

Journey's End / House Of Mirrors - Clarence Schmidt, Woodstock NY

Land Of Broken Dreams - R.D. (Bob) Smith, New York State Thruway at exit 38, just west of Syracuse, Liverpool NY - Smith has been working on his environment for over 40 years. He has an incredible array of found objects, root sculptures, figural and fantastic assemblages, and live birds. He surrounds the property with large fences made of willow logs, which take root in the wet soil, and hangs decorations on them. agilitynut: Bob Smith's Place.

Opus 40 - Harvey Fite (1903-1976), Saugerties NY - Home Page: Opus 40 and Opus 40.

Outdoor Environment - Alipio Mello (1898-1987), Napanoch NY - After retiring, Mello began to work on his water-powered circus of Ferris wheels and whirligigs made of wood, aluminum, styrofoam, and recycled materials. The environment worked from a system of rain gutters, hoses, and tributaries which he controlled from a nearby stream. After his death, the environment fell into disrepair. Nothing remains of it today.

Prospect Park Apartment - Joseph Endicott Furey (1906-1990), was at 447 Sixteenth Street, Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY but has been destroyed.

Terrilion Ranch - Veronica Terrilion (1908-), Highway 12 at Indian River, Lewis County, NY - Starting in 1953, Veronica filled her garden and a pond with life-sized figures of human and animal figures and religious scenes. There is also a log house, a garden of natural plants, and handmade sculpture. The pond has two stone islands occupied by cement figures.

Wing's Castle (Dupont Castle) - Millbrook, New York - (15 miles NE of Poughkeepsie).


North Carolina

Art Field - Arnold Freeman (1957-), about 9 miles past Biscoe, 1 1/2 miles down Oak Church Road, Bensalem Township NC - Freeman has welded hundreds of figures and displayed them in the field surrounding his home. They include animals, insects, cars and airplanes, people, and abstracts. He occasionally has a piece for sale.

Art World - James Harold Jennings (1930-1999), Pinnacle NC - "Jennings dropped out of school in the fifth grade and was educated at home by his mother, a schoolteacher. In early adulthood, he worked as a projectionist at a drive-in movie theater. After his mother died, he supported himself by collecting and recycling cans found along busy highways, supplemented by a small inheritance. In the early 1980s he began building a series of small interconnecting structures across the road from his house, topped by whirligigs and homemade Ferris wheels. After his work was shown in the "Southern Visionary Folk Artists" exhibition in 1985, Jennings began working full-time making brightly colored wooden tableaux and assemblages inspired, he said, by electroencephalography and metempsychosis." Jennings committed suicide in 1999. His once impressive environment is now gone. Individual pieces can be found for sale. Self-Taught Folk Art: "James Harold Jennings", Black Sheep Gallery: "James Harold Jennings", Creative Heart Gallery: "James Harold Jennings", and At Home Gallery: "James Harold Jennings". Many other links are available by Google search for James Harold Jennings.

Bible Stories - Annie Hooper (1897-1986), Buxton NC - Since Annie's husband was a fisherman, she was alone alot. To work her way out of a depression she filled her 9 room house and outbuildings with thousands of figures inspired by the Bible. The pieces are now in the collection of North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

Bottle Houses - Charlie Yelton (1909-1993), Forest City NC - "After fifty years working in the yarn-drawing room of a textile mill, Yelton broke his leg and was forced to retire. A short time later (in 1970) he began collecting bottles with which he built a farmhouse, a well, and several outbuildings. In the main farmhouse there are 11,987 bottles arranged by color to form patterns." agilitynut: "Charlie Yelton's Bottle Houses".

Butt's Dream House - James Butt (1894-1973), South Mills NC - "Unfortunately what was perhaps the most remarkable personal historical environment in North Carolina is now in ruins. Carpenter and brickmason Jim Butt built a multistory brick-and-cement tower known as Butt's Dream House and covered it with historical references and quotations ranging in scope from Cicero and Constantine to Miles Standish and Barry Goldwater, stamped in cement along with embedded mirrors, sea shells, and other found objects. One sign near the entrance included the words "Shangri La." Butt created a system for personalizing history that could completely surround him with historical and literary references, enclosing and protecting him in structures revealed to him in his dreams, while at the same time publicly proclaiming the connections to anyone who drove by."

Coast Guard Environment - Jimmy Courson (1944-), NC - "Jimmy Courson's fascination with the Coast Guard has led him to build a small fleet of Coast Guard vessels from scavenged scrap wood and sheet metal. He keeps his fleet berthed in an elaborate series of homemade docks and piers in his back yard. Each time he makes an improvement to one of the ships he carries it on his bicycle to test it in the canals near his home, because it is important to him that his vessels not only closely resemble real ships but that they be seaworthy as well. Clearly something more than a hobby, his obsessive interest in building the ships from found objects has been recognized by a local Coast Guard station, which has made him an honorary Guardsman."

Dinosaur Garden - Oliver Nestus Freeman (1900-1970), NC - "Freeman worked as a stone mason and handyman, and built several cement dinosaurs in a garden surrounding his house. When the dinosaurs were first completed they featured flashing red lights in their eye sockets and nostrils. Freeman laid stone and concrete pathways, built concrete arches and garden furniture, and added prehistoric birds of concrete to extended garden areas in his backyard before his death in the early 70s."

Divine Sounds - Yvonne Maria Leow (1935-), NC - "A native of Guyana, Leow immigrated to North Carolina, where she founded a religious shrine and supply shop she calls "Divine Sounds." She surrounded Divine Sounds with an environment that includes brilliantly painted cement statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary topped with Christmas tree lights and plastic ornaments."

Earth Museum (aka Occoneechee Trapper's Lodge) - Quinton (Q.J.) Stephenson, (1920-1997), Garysburg NC - "Stephenson worked as a dragline operator for a construction company for forty years before retiring in the mid-1970s. Soon after retiring he began building a small environment called the Occoneechee Trapper's Lodge in front of his house. He covered it with petrified wood, fossils, Civil War relics, and Indian artifacts he found in the woods while working his trap line. In 1981 he began making freestanding concrete plaques and sculptures." In Sight: Portraits Of Folk Artists By Chuck Rosenak: "Quinton "Q.J." Stephenson with his dinosaur at his "Earth Museum"" and America Oh Yes! Gallery: "Quinton "Q.J." Stephenson".

Gotno Farm - George Morris (1901-1988), Raleigh NC - "Morris was born in California, but moved to Raleigh to work as a plasterer during the construction of the Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel. Throughout his career he worked with cement and plaster. After he retired in 1967, he and his wife moved to a small plot of land on the outskirts of the city and unsuccessfully attempted to farm it. Morris eventually renamed the farm "Gotno Farm" and returned to cement work, building hundreds of concrete animals and fungi, which were freestanding or attached to trees on the property."

Haw River Animal Crossing - Clyde Jones, Bynum NC

History Environment - Rev. James Lowery (Dr. Chief Little Beaver) (1912-), NC - "Rev. James Lowery used art to fulfill his need for historical stability. He built a seven-acre personal history environment with his actual and possible ancestors. Pathways through the site take visitors past signs that outline the history of the Hattadare Indians, a "tribe" founded by Lowery for the grand purpose of reuniting all twenty-seven different eastern North Carolina tribes under one name. The philosophy of the Hattadares is "based on the belief that wisdom comes from nature," and derives from a vision of Henry Berry Lowery that appeared for three nights in a row on the blank screen of a switched-off television set. Lowery also founded an organization called the North Carolina Indian Adventure, Inc. to support his work in attempting to build his 4,000 seat All Nation Pyramid Temple Theatre."

Indian Hill - Almetta (Aunt Met) Brooks (1903-?), NC - "Brooks ran a small grocery store next to her husband's automobile repair garage on a mountain road near the South Carolina state line. Soon after the Second World War she began converting the adjacent junk car lot into a garden called Indian Hill, hauling quartz stone in a surplus army jeep. She built over a dozen cement animals and a giant stone basket in the garden before she began making freestanding polychromed indoor cement figures in the late 1950s. She covered jugs and bottles with translucent stones embedded in cement, and constructed stone mosaic side table and lampshades to decorate the interior of her store. Her first painting depicted Abraham Lincoln's cabin, rendered in stabilized mud. Later work includes more than a hundred paintings from memory, as well as jungle scenes, portraits, and foreign landscapes."

Kannapolis Castle - Henry James Sides (1919-), NC - "While serving in the army during the Second World War, Sides saw European castles and ruins. He married a Belgian woman after the war, and brought her back to North Carolina, where he went to work in the weave room of a textile mill. Taking advantage of a vast supply of inexpensive bricks, Sides began building a conventional home in 1953, then began transforming his home into a fortress after hearing a song called "Every Man's Home is His Castle" on the radio in 1957. Sides' house is intended to resemble Wilkie castele in Edinburgh. The inside woodwork is decorated with bas-relief carvings of women."

Lincoln Park Pig Chase and Yard Show - Vernon Burwell (1916-1990), Rocky Mount NC - After retiring in 1975 due to eye problems caused by diabetes, Burwell began making cement sculptures in his carport. He is known for his cement and painted sculptures of cats, tigers, people and political figures. Som are life-sized, others are smaller. Individual pieces can be found for sale.

Memory Wall Of Peace And Love - Mr. Imagination - Downtown business district of Winston-Salem, NC - "To create the Memory Wall of Peace and Love Mr. Imagination covered a pre-existing concrete wall - approximately 55 feet long by 4 feet high and wide - with stones, seashells, keys, buttons, bottlecaps, automobile hubcaps, shoes and hundreds of other ordinary objects embedded in a layer of cement, and further embellished it with mask-like reliefs, cement casts of his own hands and sculpted birds and human figures."

Metal Menagerie - R. Frank Holder (1931-), down Highway 421, west of Winston-Salem, Lewisville NC - Frank's yard is full of dinosaurs, a spouting whale, a life-sized mermaid, and larger than life daffodils. He welds his sculptures out of discarded metal. Only a few pieces are painted. Some individual pieces may be found for sale.

Murals - Charlie Swaim (1906-1988), Wilksboro NC - "Swaim ran his Appalachian Bee Farm, Oakwood Kennels, Swaim Extermination Service, and a number of functional moonshine stills from his small mountain farm. His lifelong interest in history, and particularly in the early Americas, was displayed in the more than twenty murals depicting pre-Columbian scenes that decorated the barns and outbuildings of his farm."

Peaceville Valley - John Lilley (1925-), NC - "Lilley surrounded his house with an environment called Peaceville Valley, built as a monument to his overcoming alcoholism. Next to the garage where he lived, he constructed a miniature town complete with a tiny Hardee's hamburger franchise, a truck stop, a used-car dealership and nearly twenty other buildings to represent everyday life. The entrance to the town was flanked by large plywood angels holding signs that said, "If Your Lost STOP Find Your Way," and "Some PEOPLE who EXPECT SALVATION at 11 0'clock DIE at 10:30." At the edge of the woods stood two other angels. One was painted with a glowing gown and held a Bible, and the other, masked and bat winged, clutched a bottle. A sign asked "Which ONE will it BE?" above an open coffin between them, labeled "Mr. and Mrs. YOU or ME." Lilley was reinstitutionalized and Peaceville Valley was destroyed."

Scarecrows - Marie Stacker (1910-), NC - "Stacker created rows of unusual scarecrows in a large garden behind her house, which served not only to frighten birds, but also to entertain her numerous grandchildren."

"Two Churchmen".

Shangri-La - Henry Warren (1883-1978) & Junius Pennix, Old Rt 86 between Hillsborough & Yanceyville, Prospect Hill, White Rock NC - "A quartz stone Watergate Hotel, a Health, Education, and Welfare Building, and a tax office stand amid twenty four other small structures. Built in the early 1970s by Warren with the help of his neighbor Junius Pennix, Shangri-La permitted these two elderly men to while away the hours and on some level to deal with a sense of outrage by simplifying, miniaturizing, and personalizing it." NarrowLarry: "Shangri-La" and "Shangri-La".

Ward's House - Benjamin O. Ward (1896-1970), NC - "Ward's house is inset with granite tablets engraved with quotes dealing with the nature of existence, both from his own writings and from the writings of others like Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, and Shaw. Before he began construction, the house appeared to him in a vision following shock treatments for a prolonged depression triggered by his nineteen-year old wife's death. The granite millstones, blocks, and slabs from which he built his house afforded him an extremely solid physical foundation within which to weather the vicissitudes of life, although they couldn't prevent the recurring depressions that eventually led to his suicide."

Whirligigs - Willie Brooks (1908-), NC - "A farmer all his life, Brooks now gardens and maintains a number of whirligigs made from sheet metal and bicycle wheels. Many of them depict favorite hunting dogs and game birds. Examples of his work are scattered around his own property as well as those of his children. Brooks also whittles crosses that he places inside bottles, a traditional folk art form."

Windmill Park - Vollis Simpson (1919-), Junction of Crossroads 1103 and 1109, 7219 Oscar Loop, Lucama NC 27851 - "Simpson's first windmill was built to power a washing machine while he was stationed in Saipan in the Marianas Islands in the Second World War. After the war he designed and built heavy equipment for moving houses and opened a repair shop in a rural crossroads community in eastern North Carolina. Simpson continued to be interested in wind power and built several other large windmills, one of which powered a heating system in his house. He slowly began to retire from his house-moving operation in 1985 and adapted his workshop and heavy equipment to begin making a cluster of gigantic whirligigs and wind machines on one corner of his brother's farm. His largest pieces are nearly forty feet tall and weigh thousands of pounds. Covered with highway reflectors, they are at least as spectacular at night as during the day." NarrowLarry: "Vollis Simpson's Whirligigs", Thinking Fountain: "Meet Vollis Simpson", and The Folk Art Messenger: "Vollis Simpson: The Don Quixote Of East-Central North Carolina".


North Dakota

The Pettibone Prairie Pagoda - Henry Luehr (?-1995), Pettibone ND - "The Pettibone Pagoda".



Chateau LaRoche (Loveland Castle) - Harry Andrews (?-1981), 12025 Shore Drive, Loveland OH 45140, (513) 683-4686 - This is the only medieval castle in the United States. It took Harry Andrews over 50 years to construct, using river limestone and milk carton bricks. Home Page: "Loveland Castle".

Hartman's Historical Rock Garden - H.G. Hartman, 1905 Russell Avenue at McCain, Springfield OH - Hartman filled his relatively small yard with statues, miniature stone castles, cathedrals, and other historic buildings. There are models of the White House and Independence Hall, a scene from the Oregon Trail, boxer Joe Lewis, the Dionne Quintuplets, religious scenes, and much more. Since his death, the property has been maintained by his youngest son, Ben. agilitynut: "Hartman's Rock Garden", NarrowLarry: "The Hartman Rock Garden" and Springfield Art Net: "H.G. Hartman's Rock Garden".

Odd Garden - James Bachelor (1914-), 761 Wayne Court, Cincinnati OH - Batchelor's garden is filled with vegetables planted in painted barrels, silk flowers, a stuffed goat chained to a bowling ball, a "life-sized, voodoo-doll-looking woman" that had to be moved to the backyard when men talking to her got angry when she wouldn't answer back. There's also a "Walk of Fame" for his late wife and nine children. People often bring him things to add and he enjoys people driving by to look.

The People Love People House Of God Museum - Rev. Albert Wagner (1924-), Cleveland OH - The New York Times: "Moses of East Cleveland, With Detours".

Sculpture - P.R. Miller, Lawrence Township OH

Sculpture Garden - Eddie Kuebeck, Wauseon OH

The Statues - Brice Baughman (1874-1954), near Jackson Township, Muskingun County, Zanesville OH - Baughman carved his first sandstone statue in 1898, that of President McKinley. His statues are still there and are currently being made more accessible.

The Temple of Tolerance - Jim Bowsher (1948-), 205 South Wood Street, Wapakoneta OH - NarrowLarry: "The Temple of Tolerance".

Zoratti's Garden - Silvio Peter Zoratti, Conneaut OH



World's Largest Totem Pole & The Fiddle House - Ed Galloway (1880-1963), PO Box 774, 4 miles east on state hwy 28A, Foyil OK, Tel: (918) 287-4803, listed on the National Register of Historic Places - NarrowLarry: "The Totem Pole".



Bear Park - William "Wibb" Ward (1911-1984), Sand Lake OR - Using a chain saw, Ward created a five acre environment populated by bears carved from pine logs. Many of the bears were used to illustrate his personal beliefs, especially that government should stay out of the way of private business. Visitors are welcome.

The Funny Farm - Gene Carsey Jr. and Mike Craven - 64990 Deschutes Market Rd., off Highway 97, north of Bend OR, (turn right at yellow blinking light) - a bowling ball garden, airplanes on towers, murals on the barn roof, two-headed statues of guys in tutus, a love pool, fainting goats, a dozen different kinds of ants, paintings, sculptures, a barn wall covered entirely by washing machine agitators, and more!

Old Time Museum - Rodney Rosebrook, Redmond OR - For over 30 years, Rodney collected old tools and salvaged metal objects. Eventually he produced hundreds of constructions made from garden gates, which enclosed careful arrangements of tools. Some tools hung on his barn and others made up a fence along his property. When items were sold to a museum and a gallery, he replaced them. After his death the environment couldn't be maintained. Some pieces can be seen in the banquet room of the New Richmond Hotel in Redmond.

Oregon Bottle Ranch - Henry & Helen Derksen, OR

Peterson's Rock Gardens - Rasmus Petersen (1883-1952), 7930 S.W. 77th Street, Redmond OR, Tel: (541) 382-5574 - Craig S. Thom: "Peterson Rock Garden Towers" and NarrowLarry: "The Peterson Rock Gardens".

Prehistoric Gardens - Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Nelson, Port Orford OR - "Prehistoric Gardens" and Mary Harrsch: "Prehistoric Gardens".

Whirligig Garden - Leo Decker (1934-), Kent OR - When Leo sustained a serious injury, he withdrew to a desolate part of eastern Oregon and began filling his yard with whirligigs made from found objects. He likes it when people stop by to admire his work and he's willing to sell some pieces.

Zig Zag Zoo/El Rancho Fincho - Loren Finch, Newport OR - Because his wife was ill, Loren stayed close to home and started decorating his environment with a cheerful mix of driftwood and creatures made of found objects. The site can be seen from the coastal highway going south through Newport. - Out West: "Zig Zag Zoo".



Roadside America - Lawrence Gieringer, Shartlesville PA - Home Page: "Roadside America" and "Roadside America".


South Carolina

The Button King - Dalton Stevens, Bishopville SC - "The Button King of Bishopville, South Carolina is a wonder to behold. Chronic insomnia causes him to stay awake for sometimes days. And what to do with all that time? The Button King, Dalton Stevens, has taken to decorate with buttons, thousands of them. There is his 10,000-button suit and even his car, which is completely covered in buttons. In his garage he proudly shows off his button-decorated hearse - and of course inside is his ready made button coffin. Just to be sure, he's placed inside it a bag of buttons and a flashlight in case he needs something to do in the afterlife." Webshots (image): "The Button King, Dalton Stevens".

Can City - "Jolly" Joshua Samuels, Walterboro SC - Craig S. Thom - "Farmer "Jolly" Joshua Samuels from the southeastern United States once claimed a brawny, tattooed angel drove through the sky in an 18-wheel tractor trailer. He said God wanted him to build the city of heaven on his farmland. He soon built a hotel, a YMCA, a restaurant, a school and a few houses. His materials: thousands of tin cans." (from: The Review, 1997).

Concrete City - L.C. Carson (1913-1998), Orangeburg SC - A visit to the Ave Maria Grotto in Alabama inspired Carson to create his Concrete City from common construction materials. He created his own versions of buildings from around the world including the Parthenon, the Sphinx, and the Colosseum. At completion, there were 33 waist-high structures. Carson can no longer care for his City and the entire site is being moved to the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia. Carolina Arts: "L.C. Carson".

Nationwide Outdoor Art Gallery (aka Wallice Plantation Gallery) - Sam Doyle (1906-1985), near Frogmore, St. Helena Island SC - Individual pieces can be found for sale - Raw Vision Magazine: "Sam Doyle: St. Helena Island's Native Son" and ricco|maresca gallery: "Sam Doyle". Many other links available by Google search for Sam Doyle.

Pearl's Topiary Garden - Pearl Fryar (1940-), 165 Broad Acres Road, Bishopville SC, (803) 484-5581, by appointment - Craig S. Thom (excellent photos, scroll down): "Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden".

South Dakota

Petrified Wood Park - Quammen, Ole S. (1938-?), Main Ave. & 6th St., five blocks north of U.S. 12, Lemmon SD - "Petrified Wood Park" and "Lemmon, Petrified Wood Park".

"Porter Sculpture Park", "Porter Sculpture Park", and "is it art?".


Hidden Hollow - Arda Lee, 1901 Mount Pleasant Road, Cookeville TN 38506, Tel: 931-526-4038.

Homerland - Homer Green (1910-), Murfreesboro TN - yard decorated with carved and painted figures with individual pieces for sale - "Homer Green".

Indian, Snake and Gourd Man - Dow Pugh, Monterey TN

Millennium Manor Castle - William Andrew and Fair Nicholson, 500 North Wright Road Alcoa TN 37701 - Home Page: "Millennium Manor Castle".

Wickham Stone Park - Enoch Tanner (E.T.) Wickham (1883-1970), Buckminster Hollow, south of Clarksville, near Palmyra TN - Interesting Ideas: "E.T. Wickham's remarkable statues". E.T. Wickham Stone Park

Yard Show - Hawkins Bolden (1914-), Memphis TN - Blindness couldn't stop Hawkins from creating art. He makes life-sized figures that decorate the house and yard. He also makes smaller sculptures that are like masks, with faces punched into objects like frying pans and metal signs and pots and pans. Individual pieces can be found for sale. Webb Gallery: "Hawkins Bolden" and Gordon Gallery: "Hawkins Bolden".



For an informative & enjoyable article on environments in Houston, see Handmade Personal Spaces in Houston by Susanne Theis.

Alvarado's Zoo - Eliseo Alvarado, TX

Beer Can House - John Milkovisch, Houston TX

Bottle House - Wimberly TX

Cathedral Of Junk (Yard Space 11) - Vince Hannemann, 4422 Lareina (btw. S. Congress & S. First, off St. Elmo), Austin TX - Call for an appointment at 441-6906. Donations are gladly accepted. The environment is available for filming for a fee. Vince's email is An image can be found at Visual Delights.

Concrete Zoo - Beatrice Ximinez, Floresville TX

The Eagle's Nest - Sylvester Williams, Houston TX.

Eye of the World - John N. Gavrelos, Beaumont TX

Fan Man's Third World - Bob Harper (1935-1995), Houston TX. This environment no longer exists.

The Flower Man's House - Cleveland Turner, Houston TX

"Friends" Sculpture Garden - Ida Mae Kingsbury, Pasadena TX

Grace Green House (aka Grace's Memento Museum) - Grace Bashara Green, Houston TX.

The Hyde Park Miniature Museum - D.D. Smalley (1885-1963) - Brazos Projects: D. D. Smalley's Hyde Park Miniature Museum.

The Martinez House - Timeteo Martinez, 2809 Engelke Street, Houston TX

OK Corral - Howard Porter, Houston TX

The Orange Show - Jeff McKissack, an art environment dedicated to the Orange in Houston, TX

Pigdom - Victoria Herberta, Houston TX

Totem Forest - Felix "Fox" Harris (1905-1984), Beaumont TX - The Art Museum Of Southeast Texas has a collection of the environmental works of Felix "Fox" Harris with some of the pieces always on display in the museum courtyard. The rest are in storage, awaiting funds to provide a protected installation. The Handbook Of Texas Online: Felix "Fox" Harris.

Whirligigs - Manuel Castaneda, (1924-), Kingsville TX - Since his retirement about fifteen years ago, Manuel has made over 40 whirligigs and displays them outside his home.

Wimberly Bottle House - Wimberly TX - agilitynut: "Wimberly Bottle House".

Yard Show - Richard Gilliam, San Antonio TX

Yard Show - Alva Hope (1906-), Stephenville TX - When the wind blows around Alva's yard, the place becomes an amazing phenomenon as row after row of plastic babies and cows and arrows and buckets spin in every direction. The bright paintings on the buckets include self-portraits and occasional cryptic messages to people in Alva's life, both living and dead.



Deer Crossing - Carl and Elaine Norton, Wellington UT

Gilgal Sculpture Garden - Thomas B. Child (1888-1963), 749 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City UT. Open on Sundays during daylight hours, appointments for special viewings can be made with Grant Fetzer, 452 S. 800 East or call 359-8813. Those interested in helping preserve Gilgal may contact Melody Moore at Friends of Gilgal, 187 D St., No. 5, Salt Lake City, UT 84103 or by phone at 375-3527. "Mormon News' Coverage of the Gilgal Garden", photos: "Gilgal" and pamphlet: "Gilgal Pamphlet".

Hole "N" The Rock - Albert L. & Gladys Christensen (?-1957) & (?-1974), 11037 South Highway 191, Moab, UT 84532, Tel: (435) 686-2250 - "World-Famous Hole N" The Rock" and Out West: "See a badly stuffed donkey at Hole 'N the Rock".



Carved & Painted Trees - Armand "Frenchie" Gaultier (1923-), Vermont. Raw Vision: The Tree Circus.



Doc Hope's Bottle House - Doc Hope, Hillsville VA - agilitynut: "Doc Hope's Bottle House".

Faith Mission - Anderson Johnson, Rev. (1915-1988), Newport News VA - Ginger Young Gallery: "Anderson Johnson", Black Sheep Gallery: "Anderson Johnson", Visionary Art: "Anderson Johnson", and America Oh Yes! Gallery: "Rev. Anderson Johnson".

Fleet Of Ships - "Captain" Walter Flax, Yorktown VA

Garden of Prehistory - Banner Blevins, McCalls Gap VA

Polka Dot House - "Cedar Creek" Charlie Fields, Lebanon VA

Windmills And Whirligigs - Dwight Joseph Bell, Staunton VA

Yard Show - Robert Howell (1934-), Midlothian, Powhatan County VA - Southern Spirit: "Robert Howell".


Washington D.C.

Beer And Soda Can House - Richard Van Os Keuls, Silver Spring, Washington D.C., Tel: (202) 726-8292 (call for tours) - "...after eight years of collecting and personally flattening 15,000 or so cans of beer, soda and juices of all flavors, his modest '50s ranch house in Silver Spring is partially clad in crushed-can shingles that lend a colorful fish-scale effect." Washington Post: Drinks on the House: When the Root Beer Is Gone, the Can Lives On.

Jamaica - Donald G. Morgan, 1201 Kalmia Road N.W., Washington D.C., Tel: (202) 726-8292 (call for tours) - Over the past 10 years, Morgan has created a 56-foot long, 14-foot wide model of the island of Jamaica in his front yard in northwest Washington D.C.

The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millenium General Assembly - James Hampton (1909-1964), Washington D.C. - Fred Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations Millenium General Assembly.



Dick And Jane's Spot - Dick Elliott and Jane Orleman, 101 N Pearl St, Ellensburg WA 98926-3324 - Home Page: "Dick And Jane's Spot" and Home And Gardens: "Dick And Jane's Spot".

The Eagle Mount Motel - Anna Wayne Wolfer, Port Townsend WA, (deserted).

Gehrke Windmill Garden (aka Garden of the Wind) 2 - Emil & Veva Gehrke (1884-1979) & (1902-1980), along Hwy 155 a mile southwest of Coulee Dam, Electric City WA - Scott's Snap Pics: "Gehrke Windmill Garden".

Grotto of Logging Gear - John McMeekin, Aberdeen WA.

The Moorage (aka Junk Castle) - Vic & Bobbie Moore, Pullman, Whitman County, WA.

Plywood Menagerie - Donald Davis (1930-), Carnation WA - Donald's yard is filled with ducks, chickens, dinosaurs, rabbits, and pigs. When he ran out of room in the yard, he began to add wind chimes made from found objects. The environment is surrounded by a bottle-decorated fence.

The Rainbow House (aka Ace's Wild West) - Lloyd "Ace" & Claire Parsons, Vancouver WA - Home Page: "Rainbow House". This house was demolished August 11, 1999.

Richart's Ruins (aka The Art Yard)

The Walker Rock Garden - Milton (1905-1984) & Florence Walker, Seattle WA 98126 - The preservation group, "The Friends Of the Walker Rock Garden" has disbanded following the wishes of Milton and Florences's offspring. The future of the garden is uncertain.



Decorated Garage - Fred G. Zimmerman, New Glarus WI

Dickeyville Grotto (aka Holy Ghost Park) - Father Mathias H. Wernerus, Dickeyville WI

The Forevertron - Dr. Evermor (Tom Every) (1938-), Hwy 12 just South of Baraboo & across the street from the Badger Ammunitions Plant, Sauk County WI, Tel: (608) 643-8017 - Home Page: "Historical Artistic Metal Sculpture Park", Raw Vision Magazine: "Power On! The Fantastic Environment of Dr. Evermor", NarrowLarry: "The Forevertron", "The Forevertron", Folk Art Messenger: "Dr. Evermor's Forevertron", and Wisconsin News article: "Sculptor wants to turn old ammo plant into work of art".

Fountain City Rock Garden - Fountain City WI

Fox Point Art Yard - Mary Nohl, Fox Point, Milwaukee WI

Garden and Yard Show - Paul Hefti - (photos): "Paul Hefti".

Grandview - Nick Engelbert (1881-1962) - Wisconsin State Highway 39, 1/2 mile west of the Village of Hollandale in Iowa County, roughly 30 miles southwest of Madison & 11 miles east of Mineral Point WI, Tel: (608) 967-2151 - NarrowLarry: "Grandview", the Michael Kohler Foundation: "Grandview", and Wisconsin Traveller: "A milkman's masterpieces".

Holy Jeweled Home - Loy Allen Bowlin ("The Original Rhinestone Cowboy") (1909-1995) - Originally located in Mississippi, Loy Bowlin's "Rhinestone Cowboy" house and objects are now part of the permanent collection at John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin - Raw Vision: Hey Rhinestone Cowboy!, In Sight: Portraits Of Folk Artists By Chuck Rosenak: "Photo of Loy A. Bowlin outside his home", and Mississippi Folklife: "Loy Allen Bowlin, "The Original Rhinestone Cowboy, 1909-1995" (scroll down). Individual pieces can be found for sale at the Robert Cargo Folk Art Gallery.

Jurustic Park - Clyde & Nancy Winia, Marshfield WI - Home Page: "Jurustic Park" and Portal Wisconsin: "Jurustic Park".

Little Program - Frank Oebser (1900-1990), Menomonie WI - When he retired in 1973, Frank started building yard art around his home and yard. Most of the pieces were mechanized. He also had an extensive collection of antique farm machinery in his barn, along with life-sized figures stuffed with hay. This environment was dismantled in 1989.

Mecikalski Stovewood Building - John Mecikalski, Pelican Lake WI - The Michael Kohler Foundation: "Mecikalski Stovewood Building".

Miniature Concrete Village - Bob Coffin, Lake Superior WI

Mollie Jenson's Zoo And Museum - Mollie Jenson, River Falls WI - Wurlington Brothers Press: "Mollie Jenson's Zoo And Museum".

The Painted Forest - Ernst Hupeden (?-1911), Valton, Sauk County, WI, Tel: (608) 983-2352 - This environment has been restored by The Kohler Foundation and is maintained by the Historical Society of Upper Baraboo County. The Michael Kohler Foundation: "The Painted Forest" and Sheryl Osborn's Page: "The Painted Forest".

The Prairie Moon Museum And Sculpture Garden - Herman Rusch, Cochrane WI

Revival Center And Shoe Repair Shop & World Revival & Interprice Center - Prophet William J. Blackmon (1921-), Milwaukee WI - Individual pieces can be found for sale - Haggerty Museum Of Art: "Signs Of Inspiration: The Art of Prophet William J. Blackmon".

Rockside - Wilbur Best, Viroqua WI

Rudolph Grotto Gardens and Wonder Cave - Father Philip J. Wagner (1882-1959) & Edmund Rybicki, 6957 Grotto Ave, Rudolph WI 54475, Tel: (715) 435-3120 - The Wonder Cave was built with a maze of walkways and a series of biblically inspired scenes made of sheets of tin with proverbs spelled out in pin-holes, backlit by colored lights. The grotto is on the parish grounds of St. Philip the Apostle Church.

The Rudy Rotter Museum Of Art - Rudy Rotter (1913-2001), 701 Buffalo Street, Manitowoc WI 54220, Tel: (920) 682-6671 - Nearly 20,000 objects by this self-taught artist are displayed in the museum, including paintings, sculptures, and assemblage from found objects. Home Page: "Rudy Rotter's Museum Of Sculpture".

Sid's Sculpture Yard - Sid Boyum (1914-1991), Madison WI - Home Page: "Sculpture by Sid Boyum".

Tony's Fan Fair - Tony Flatoff, Stevens Point WI

Urban Art Environment - Mark Adams, 2466 S. Graham St., Milwaukee WI, Tel: (305) 431-7636 - Home Page: "Help Save Mark's Urban Art Environment". 04/01/04: From an email from Mark Adams - "the well known art envirnment of mark adams were all the inner city children played, spent the summers. and were mentored in all aspects of life, is gone... the art envirnment has been moved to pine mt GA, with some of the larger peaces in a perminint instalation in algoma wisconsin. it is the largest gallery north of chicago."

Wayhouse of Light - Mona Boulware Webb, Madison WI - Mona Boulware Webb is a fascinating African-American "outsider" or "visionary" artist and mystic. For the past 30 years, she and her "extended family" of artists and friends have transformed her house in Madison, Wisconsin into a total art environment.

Wegner Grotto (aka The Glass Church/Peace Monument) - Paul & Matilda Wegner, outside Cataract, about eight miles north of Sparta, along State Highway 71, Monroe County, WI - Interesting Ideas: "Paul and Matilda Wegner Grotto", The Michael Kohler Foundation: "Wegner Grotto", agilitynut: Wegner Grotto, and Susan A. Niles: "Grottos of the American Midwest: Wegner Grotto".

Wisconsin Concrete Park - Fred Smith (1886-1976), State Highway 13, Phillips WI, just south of Park Falls in Price County, Tel: (800) 269-4505 - Raw Vision Magazine: "Wisconsin Concrete Park", Interesting Ideas: "Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park", NarrowLarry: "Wisconsin Concrete Park", The Michael Kohler Foundation: "Wisconsin Concrete Park", and "Fred Smith's Concrete Park". Preservation of this site is handled by The Friends Of Fred Smith, Price County Forestry Dept., 104 South Eyder Street, Phillips WI 54555, (715) 339-6371 or (800) 269-4505. This is a non-profit organization. Tax deductable memberships are available, with a newsletter being sent to members. Call or write for an application.

Woodland Sculpture Garden - James Tellen (1880-1957), Black River, just south of Sheboygan WI, - this site encompasses a garden and buildings filled with concrete sculptures.


Sarahville (aka Dinosaur Acres) - Cheyenne WY

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