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  Francie Rich satirical portraits of dogs, people and Barbies

  John Hodge Pottery decorative pottery, milagros and ex-votives in glazed and painted finishes.

  Folk Art Worlds
The Abita Mystery House is a folk art world.  Here are links to other "self made worlds" or "art environments."

SegPlay is a fun, free, and challenging interactive artistic experience to allow to you color in images, without lifting a paint brush or crayon

New Orleans Museum of Art
This is the museum that brings the big traveling art exhibitions to New Orleans.  Of course, they have exhibited my work.  I like the curator, John Bullard.   If you go, look them up and tell them hello for me.  They are fans of the Abita Mystery House.

RoadSide Tourist Attraction Links

The Walter Anderson Museum
Walter was a very passionate artist in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  He and his brother, Peter, started Shearwater Pottery, which still exists there.  I met Peter a couple of times when he was in his eighties(?).  The last time I saw him he was riding a bike barefoot and said that that he didn't have time to talk because he was going to chase blackberries. There are a lot of Walter Anderson stories in the area, like about the time he rode a bike to China or something. Walter's work has been reproduced beautifully on tee shirts. Ocean Springs is about 90 minutes from the Abita Mystery House, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Roadside Art
Much of America's great art can be seen from the window of a passing car.  This site has a good link page.

Folk & Outsider Art Online
Outsider art is popular, some people say my work is outsider art,  but since I went to college I am not considered an outsider.  Outside artists are not supposed to be educated.  This site has a great link page even though it stopped updating their pages.

Bottle Cap Art
This guy has a nice collection.  The Abita Mystery House has over a 1/4 million bottle caps and bottles decorating our place.

Howard Finster
We met Howard a couple of years ago at his Paradise Garden.  There was a lot of 'Finster like' work for sale; it was even signed by him!  The day were day a college professor and his girl friend was buying one of the 'signed' pieces.  He was 'out of it' the day we saw him, claiming the exhaust from jet airlines were causing the Earth to heat up (but then maybe he's right.)  I took a good photo of my son, Andrew (age 12) making monkey sings behind Howard back.  One day I will post it.  I think I remember seeing Howard on the old Johnny Carson show years ago.

Roadside Architecture
Various roadside attractions in Minnesota.

The Orange Show
A major folk art landscape in Houston. We share a lot of fans.

Bottle House
This was built before building inspectors and architects (actually I don't mind building inspectors.)

The Museum of International Folk Art
A major museum In Santa Fe, but don't see it without seeing Tinkertown,  (as mentioned at the top of this page - it's, the real thing).

Gulf Coast Arts & Entertainment Review
Dedicated to covering the visual and performing arts in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida

Goldwell Open Air Museum
This museum has been seen by millions of visitors on their way to the well-known Nevada ghost town of Rhyolite. (The Abita Mystery House has been seen be millions as they looked out of their airplanes and jets while flying over southeast Louisiana.)

The Attic Gallery
A nice couple in Vicksburg who have a wonderful gallery with lots of outsider art from the area.  About 3 hours from the Abita Mystery House.  If you are in the area please go see them and buy something.

  George Ohr Museum
This museum celebrates the story of the Mad Potter of Biloxi, Mississippi.  George made pottery during the 1910's.  He was great showman and claimed to be the world's best potter.  For one Mardi Gras parade in Biloxi he piggybacked onto a moving parade with a truck driven by a friend.  On the back of the truck he placed himself up on a wooden cross and dressed himself as Christ on the cross.  He was run out of town for a while after that.   In the 1960's the Ohr family showed an antique dealer a stash of about 1000 pots George had packed away when he changed profession (he became a car dealer).  The antique dealer bought them all, wrote a book about George, and 'crazy' George was discovered.  This museum is in part of the town's library; they did a good job on the exhibit and also display other artists in other rooms in the museum.  Biloxi is about 75 minutes from the Abita Mystery House.

NEW Bobby Lounge Bobby enjoys writing songs about the south and about people with robust lifestyles. He chooses to avoid the limelight when not performing on stage. However, on stage, Bobby is a energetic entertainer in the tradition of Little Richard, Bobby Marchand, and Jerry Lee Lewis. His song writing style has been described as "Randy Newman with bite." Some songs are not appropriate for children.

The above links were listed in no special order. 

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